Newcomer Youth Settlement

Newcomer Youth programs at WoodGreen meet the specific needs of youth who are new to Canada, arriving either with their families or on their own. Many newcomer youth face issues of isolation, poverty, declining mental health, adapting to a new country and learning a new language (English), to name a few.

WoodGreen offers a wide range of settlement services for newcomer youth ages 13-24 such as counselling, group programs including workshops, homework and arts clubs, sports, events and trips. We also provide in-class English language supports for newcomer youth in ESL classes at secondary schools across the city.

Services are free or very low cost.


Newcomer Youth

WoodGreen works with Newcomer youth (age 13 – 24) to give them a greater sense of belonging in their new Canadian home.

Across the City
Newcomer Youth Social & Recreation

We provide opportunities to visit places of interest in GTA at low or no cost and connect with the community. This includes participation in trips, cultural and sports events and activities, and visits to universities and schools.

815 Danforth Ave, Suite 300
1491 Danforth Ave
260 Wellesley Street East
Sisters in Action

WoodGreen Community Services’ Sisters in Action program supports young Muslim women, often from traditional families. Social, recreational and activities are offered at little or no cost.

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