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Service type: Employment, Youth, Newcomers, Disability, Trades Training
Eligibility: 18 years of age or older and legally entitled to work in Ontario
Delivery: Virtual and in-person
500 Macpherson Ave, Toronto, ON M5R 1M3
Hours of Operation: Varies
Fee: Free
Program Dates: Please check the description for more details
Duration: 14-weeks of skills training and post-program job search support

Program Description

WoodGreen and George Brown College have come together to design a skills-based employment program that prepares participants for entry-level work in the manufacturing sector. The CNC/Precision Machining Program is offered at George Brown College.


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Launched in partnership with employers committed to creating a more inclusive and equitable work environment, this free program provides financial support to help students pay for transportation, clothing and safety equipment throughout their training. Participants also have the opportunity to attend guest lectures to learn more about the experiences and successes of individuals working in trades.


What is CNC/Precision Machining?


Precision machining involves creating highly accurate and precise parts and components using specialized machines and tools. A machinist reads and interprets specifications and blueprints, calculates dimensions, and marks pieces for machining.


Precision machining techniques include turning, milling, drilling, and grinding. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining uses computer programming to control the movements and operations of cutting tools and other machinery to manufacture precise and complex parts. CNC/Precision Machining is especially important in industries where precision and quality are vital, such as aerospace, medical, automotive, and electronics.


While you may occasionally be required to do some heavy lifting, CNC/Precision Machining places emphasis on skills, precision, and creativity rather than physical strength.


The program is delivered through in-person and online courses, including:


  • 2D Mastercam and Computer Numerical Control
  • Intermediate CNC
  • Metrology
  • Introduction to Machining
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Introduction to Mechanical CAD



Participants complete the CNC/Precision Machining Skills Training alongside WoodGreen’s Employability Skills Training, then apply their knowledge in an 8-week paid job placement.



Program Dates:

  • Academic Upgrading (required): Starts July 3 – August 4, 2023
  • Employability Skills Training: August 8 – August 24, 2023
  • Break: August 28 – September 8, 2023
  • Skills Training: Starts September 11 – December 15, 2023
  • Opportunity for 8-week paid work placement: January 9 – February 29, 2024 (following training)



Program Components

Academic Upgrading

Duration: 5-weeks

Delivery: Online


Employability Skills Training

Duration: 3-weeks

Delivery: Online



Duration: 2-weeks


Skills Training

Duration: 14-weeks

Delivery: Online and In-person



Paid Job Placement Opportunity

Duration: 8-weeks

Delivery: In-person



Program Benefits:

  • One-on-one career counselling to help participants find employment
  • Ontario post-secondary credits
  • Information and resources on educational and career pathways
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Frequent Asked Questions

  • What skills or qualifications do I need to join this program?

    You will need basic computer skills in order to participate in an online learning environment. Also, all applicants’ math and English skills will be assessed (Ontario Grade 12 or equivalent).

  • What is the ESOT Assessment administered by George Brown College?

    The Essential Skills for Ontario Trades (ESOT) Assessment is a four-hour online assessment to determine whether you have the reading and numeracy skills needed to join the program. No preparation is required, but we will provide you with resources if you’d like to practice and brush up on your English and math skills.

  • How much is the training?

    This program is offered at no cost to participants. You’ll also receive work boots, safety equipment, and a toolkit at no cost.

  • Is this an online or in-person program?

    You will attend both online training AND in-person training. In-person classes will be held at the George Brown College Casa Loma Campus (160 Kendal Ave, Toronto). You can get a subsidy to help you cover your transportation costs.

  • Where can I learn more about the job prospects, skills required, and general wages for CNC Machining Tool Operators?

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