Leadership Team

Anne Babcock

President and CEO


Teresa Vasilopoulos

Executive Director

The WoodGreen Foundation

Mehran Mehrdadi

Vice President

Information Systems and CPO

Randall Freeborn

Vice President

People and Culture and Homeward Bound

Kevin Edmonson

Vice President

Community Care Seniors & Wellness

Elaine Levy

Vice President

Child Care & Family Services


Vice President

Housing & Homelessness Services

Michelle German

Vice President

Policy & Strategy

Tishanth Kanesalingam

Chief Financial Officer

Finance Department

Steve Vanderherberg

Vice President

Community Programs

Board of Directors

Nupi Zubair


Karen Myers

Vice chair

Jennifer Lee

Eric Tung

Raphael Schapiro

Ian Tait

Roanne Argyle

Shabnum Durrani

Kelvin Vo

Karl Pelowich

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WCS members are entitled to attend the meetings of the Members to hear reports on WoodGreen’s progress, receive the annual financial statements, and vote on matters brought forward for approval, including the election of Board Directors, appointment of auditors and other special business properly brought before the meeting requiring approval of the Members of WoodGreen.

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