Quick facts

Service type: Employment, Youth
Eligibility: Black youth (age 21 – 29) living in the Greater Toronto Area and not currently working or attending school. Clients must be comfortable using digital technology
Delivery: Virtual
Fee: Free
Program dates: This 23-week program is offered once a year. The next cohort starts in May 2022.
Partners: The CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals

Program description

This 23-week program gives participants a competitive edge as they launch careers in digital tech. Students learn techniques like digital compositing, the process of assembling multiple images to make a final image for print, motion picture or screen display. These are essential skills for post-production work in media.


Industry professionals teach the fundamentals of Nuke software, a node-based digital compositing application, including rotoscoping, keying, painting, compositing in 3-D element, tracking and projection. Students participate in a six-week paid work placement at a local studio. For the duration of the program and work placement, each participant is equipped with a high-end laptop, second monitor and Nuke software, free of cost.


Supporting resources

Watch a sample reel of past student work.


Program testimonials

Vincent Kazibwe


"I was pretty lost a while ago. But with the help of my caseworker, I found CEE and their VFX program and I was hooked. For the first time in a long, long time, I feel good about myself and what I'm doing. And most important, I'm hopeful for the future."

How you can help

VFX program graduates and those with Nuke software experience can apply for Teaching Assistant positions. To volunteer, please contact Genese Alleyne at galleyne@woodgreen.org. Donations are graciously accepted through the WoodGreen Foundation.

Ready to participate?



Applicants are required to submit a basic visual arts portfolio (cell phone pictures and photo edits may be included). To register, please contact Danielle Williams (daniellew@ceetoronto.org) at the CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals.


To speak with a WoodGreen staff member prior to registering, please contact:

Contact information

Ilham Hassan Khandid

Employment Case Counsellor

(437) 226-0603




Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 6:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

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