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Service type: Newcomer
Eligibility: Newcomers to Canada (age 18+) and their families, Permanent Residents, Protected Persons and Convention Refugees, CUAET)
Fee: Free, childcare available for in-person classes, TTC support
Delivery: Virtual and in-person

Our Programs

WoodGreen offers several English language lesson options for newcomers. Beginner to advanced level classes run at various times, including evenings and weekends. English Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) is designed to improve general English literacy and to help newcomers settle in Canada, expand employment opportunities and access government and community resources. We also provide child care during class and support with transportation expenses to in-person sessions. Qualified clients will receive English Language certification for their citizenship test.


Internationally Trained Professionals might qualify for Enhanced Language Training (ELT), which includes sector-specific English language lessons, career mentorship and targeted employment resources.

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Our Programs


Enhanced Language Training (ELT)

Levels: Higher intermediate to advanced level

Purpose: ELT provides career specific language training and job search support in two streams: Finance and Accounting (full time) and Office Administration/Customer Service (part time)

Benefits: Opportunities for networking; job placement; Certificate of Completion

Format: In-person and online

For more information about Enhanced Language Training (ELT) please download the flyer here.

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Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC)

Levels: Beginner to advanced English classes with flexible schedules (evenings, weekends)

Purpose: Boosts English literacy, aids newcomers in Canada

Benefits: Expands job opportunities, access to resources

Certification: Certificate of Achievement at each level

Family Friendly: Free childcare for in-person classes (ages 19 months to school age)

Format: Currently a hybrid program (in-person and online)

Family friendly: Free childcare for in-person classes (ages 19 months to school age).

For more details about Language instruction for newcomers to Canada (LINC) please download the flyer below

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Care for Newcomer Children

• Free childcare services in the same building

• 19 months to school age children of parents enrolled in LINC

• Activities are specifically designed to develop literacy and communication skills in children

For more details about Care for newcomer children please download the flyer below

Download flyer here

English 4 Moms (E4Moms)

Levels: Beginner to lower intermediate level

Eligibility: Moms with children aged 0 – 19 months

Purpose: Program designed as a bridge to LINC and CNC program

Benefits: Enhances language skills through projects and resources for new mothers

Certification: Certificate of Achievement at each level

Format: Program is currently conducted in-person

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English for Jobs (E4Jobs)

Level: CLB levels 3-4

Purpose: E4Jobs helps with job search basics like interviews, applications, and writing resumes and cover letters

Benefits: Networking, resume building, interview skills, gaining confidence for navigating the Canadian job market

Delivery: Online

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Community Connections Mentorship

Level: Open to all

Purpose: Provide guidance and mentorship to skilled newcomers who are paired with established Canadian mentors from similar professions to assist with transitioning and succeeding in the workplace

Benefits: Reaching career goal with support of mentors

Delivery: Online

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Community Connections Group Workshops

Level: Beginner to advanced

Purpose: To create a community of belonging for newcomers while talking about various topics based on everyone's interests

Benefits: Practice speaking English, increase in confidence, feel a sense of belonging, and learn about cultural integration

Delivery: Online and In-person

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