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Service type: Housing & Homelessness, Seniors, Health & Wellness, Disability
Eligibility: WoodGreen units: seniors 59+ who require support for daily living activities in two or more areas. Fife House independent units: individuals 16+ living with HIV/AIDS who receive Fife House support services. Fife House Transitional Housing program: individuals 16+ living with HIV/AIDS with a history of homelessness or insecure housing.
Delivery: In person

Program description

This residence is designed to accommodate both seniors in need of moderate supports and people living with HIV/AIDS. The site is 100 per cent Rent-Geared-to-Income and offers 112 units with bachelor, one-bedroom and two-bedroom layouts. It also hosts an 11-unit transitional housing program for individuals living with HIV/AIDS who are seeking more permanent housing. Working in partnership, WoodGreen provides supportive housing services to senior residents while Fife House supports clients living with HIV/AIDS. WoodGreen also serves as property manager for the building.



490 Sherbourne St.

Toronto, ON

M4X 1K9

How you can help

Donations are graciously accepted through the WoodGreen Foundation or through Fife House.

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To apply for Fife House units, please contact Margaret Bilson, Coordinator of the Coordinated Access for HIV/AIDS Housing Supports Initiative at (416) 205-9919 or mbilson@fifehouse.org. Applicants must be eligible for Fife House support services (as per Special Needs Rent-Geared-to-Income housing requirements in Ontario).


To apply for WoodGreen units, please fill out the WoodGreen Housing Application form here. Applications must be accompanied by proof of status in Canada (i.e., birth certificate, Canadian passport, Permanent Resident card, Refugee Claimant form). Applications can be submitted to the Housing Help office by fax (416) 645-6484 or mailed to:


WoodGreen Housing Help

650 Queen St. E.

Toronto, ON M4M 1G5


For more information or support in filling out the application, please contact us.

Contact information

WoodGreen: Housing & Homelessness Services

(416) 645-6000 ext. 2500

Fife House: Margaret Bilson

Coordinator of the Coordinated Access for HIV/AIDS Housing Supports Initiative

(416) 205-9919


WoodGreen assisted living services 24/7; Fife House services 24/7



-Fife House


-Wellesley Central Residences Inc.


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