Quick facts

Service type: Seniors, Disability
Eligibility: Seniors 55+ and adults living with disabilities who are unable to prepare nutritious meals (as per Canada’s Food Guide) due to physical, cognitive, developmental or psychological limitations 
Delivery: In person
Fee: See our fee breakdown below.
Program dates: Year-round

Program description

Meals on Wheels increases food security and supports independent living for seniors and adults with disabilities. Our volunteers deliver hot and frozen meals, provide at-home security and wellness checks and facilitate access to community services. 

Service fees

Please see our fee breakdown here.

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WoodGreen’s COVID-19 Response

The pandemic brought widespread job losses and the suspension of food programs, restricting access and affordability and leaving seniors especially vulnerable. To address the growing risk of food insecurity, our team strengthened collaborations with Second Harvest and community agencies. During the pandemic’s first wave, Meals on Wheels delivered up to 200 times more meals than it had over the same period the year before. The program offered more than nutritious meals; it offered connection for those in isolation.

Program testimonials



“My mom and dad have been together for almost 70 years! My dad was the cook of the family, as he enjoyed it so much! With his Parkinson’s disease, he was unable to make the meals he used to. Thankfully, because of Meals on Wheels they can enjoy their lunches again.”



“It’s given me a chance to heal. I couldn’t even stand long enough to cook a meal. If I hadn’t decided to order Meals on Wheels, that would mean I would be eating less. I wouldn’t be able to get to the grocery store to shop.”

How you can help

Donations are graciously accepted through the WoodGreen Foundation.

Ready to participate?



Please contact Central Intake to register. call (416) 572-3575 or email [email protected]to register.

Contact information

Central Intake

(416) 572-3575


Monday Friday: 9 a.m. 5 p.m.

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