Free 2 Be Youth

Youth Advisory and Peers

At its core, Free 2 Be is a youth-centred and youth-designed program. The design of Free 2 Be is informed and guided by young experts with lived experience in and from care. Grounded in co-design with young people, Free 2 Be engages with the Youth Transitions Advisory Council and is developing a peer leadership program. Constantly seeking opportunities to amplify youth voice and choice, Free 2 Be is committed to remaining youth-centric throughout all levels of conceptualization and service delivery.


Free 2 Be

WoodGreen Community Services addresses the needs for coordinated housing and community-based services for young people transitioning out of the child welfare system in Toronto.

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Free 2 Be: How to Get Involved

Your support is valued and needed. Learn how to get involved.

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Free 2 Be: Landlord FAQs

Information for landlords interested in, or currently renting, to Free 2 Be participants.

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Free 2 Be: Landlords

How landlords can be a part of supporting youth.

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Free 2 Be: Partnerships

Partnerships and collaboration are integral to our work in Free 2 Be. Learn how to partner with us.

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Free 2 Be: Referrals

Make a referral or get involved with Free 2 Be.

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Free 2 Be: Research, MTS

Participating in this project also gives young people the opportunity to help policy makers, funders and service providers better understand their lived experiences, which can inform meaningful change.

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