Rites of Passage

Given the specific challenges faced by young people of African descent in Toronto, WoodGreen’s Rites of Passage (ROP) process offers an 18-week program that aims to enhance youth’s (ages 12-26) confidence, self-awareness and resilience as they move from adolescence to adulthood.  The ROP approach provides an African-centered framework combined with resources and supports to serve as conditions for young people to develop an increased sense of purpose and self-value, demonstrate the capacity to navigate social support systems and demonstrate an increased capacity to make positive contributions to their community.

Rites of Passage is not a “program”, it is a process of maturation and personal development, practiced in many indigenous cultures, designed to assist  young people as they transition into responsible adulthood, which, if successful, has a long-term, positive impact on their values, perception of self, level of discipline and their commitment to family and community.

The transition from adolescence to responsible adulthood is possibly the most tumultuous passage we, as humans, will undergo.   It is filled with emotional, cognitive and physiological challenges, questioning, rebellion and uncertainty.

The Akan of West Afrika believed that this ‘Process” is critical in affirming and clarifying four age old questions, which, if successfully instituted and embraced, will harvest young adults  poised to contribute to the continued building and sustainability of their communities;

  1. Who am I? (What values, history, traditions and cultural precepts do I recognize, respect, and continue?)
  2. How did I come to be who I am? (what were/are the forces, events, people which have come together to frame who I am?)
  3. Am I really who I think I am? (To what extent do I understand, internalize, employ, and reflect the cultural authenticity of my origins?)
  4. What is my life Purpose?

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