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Service type: Youth
Eligibility: Must be 16 to 30 years old and residing in Toronto; Currently or previously associated with a children's aid society under any of the following service agreements: Society or Extended Society Ward, Crown Ward, Kinship Care, Customary Care, or a Voluntary Youth Service Agreement (VYSA). Not currently receiving mental health support subsidy or concluding existing subsidy support within the next 4-6 weeks.
Delivery: Intakes are primarily offered virtually or telephonically
Fee: Free
Program dates: Year-round

Program description

The Youth Wellness Subsidy Support Program is a specially tailored initiative for young individuals who have experienced the care system. Generously provided by the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada in collaboration with WoodGreen Community Services, the program provides subsidies so these youth can access appropriate and culturally sensitive mental health support. By offering subsidies, the program helps offset lengthy wait times, ensuring that young people can access the help they need in a safe and timely manner.



*While we do accept self-referrals, most of the referrals we receive come from the four primary children’s aid societies, community partners, and a dedicated group of therapists practicing various methods.



If you wish to learn more about our program, the application process, or our collaborators, we encourage you to contact either the manager or program coordinator for further details.

Program testimonials



"When growing up in foster care, you kind of just see whoever your worker wants you to see, no questions asked. You don’t have the choice. It feels forced. Having the ability to choose this support and choose your therapist helps to build a more trusting relationship. Not everyone clicks with their therapist and being able to find a certain therapist that deals with my type of trauma, inner child work, for example, helps me out with the situation I’m in. It just feels right and can make things a lot easier."



"The financial aspect of therapy has always been a barrier. Therapy is expensive and so different than public funded counselling. Therapy gives me access to emotional tools that help to ground my mental health and provide stability. Now, I’m learning how to cope with my feelings and turn my negativity into positivity."



"Having these funds accessible has significantly improved my mental health. I have been able to get private therapy where I continue to receive eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which are not covered by our public health system. I can’t say enough good things about this funding support."

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To learn more, please contact:

Contact information

Erik Wexler

Manager, Youth Wellness Subsidy Support Program

(416) 272-9527

Rebecca Chan

Program Coordinator

(437) 688-4763


815 Danforth Ave.
Toronto, ON
M4J 1L2



Hours of Intake

Monday, Tuesday, and Friday 9 AM – 5 PM


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