Nupi Zubair,
Chair WoodGreen Community Services’ Board of Directors

Anne Babcock,
President & CEO WoodGreen Community Services

Message from the Chair and President & CEO of WoodGreen Community Services

The current state of our city is UNdeniable. There are growing numbers of Torontonians who are UNhoused, UNemployed, UNseen, UNsafe, UNsupported, and UNwelcome.

The need for social services in our city is greater than ever. WoodGreen is answering that call.

For the past 86 years, WoodGreen has been on the frontlines, addressing inequality and forging pathways for opportunities for Toronto’s residents. This year was no exception. As you will see in this year’s Impact Report, we continue to help thousands of people by providing mental health support, employment programs, affordable housing, programs for youth and seniors, child care, and so much more, giving people the support they need to thrive during these challenging times.

Our organization is also expanding physically. During the past year, we’ve added more than 400 new affordable housing units and our new child care centre, Aquabella, is opening later this year.

The impact we make is receiving recognition. In December 2022, our Community Care Unit was awarded Accreditation with Commendation by Accreditation Canada. The City of Toronto also honoured us with a Community Champion Award for our efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To our staff, volunteers, donors, and partners, thank you for all your contributions this past year and for ensuring that the UNMET needs of our more than 37,000 clients are MET.

Read on to see the difference WoodGreen is making in our community.

The need for social services in our city is greater than ever. WoodGreen is answering that call.

For the past 86 years, WoodGreen has been on the frontlines, addressing inequality and forging pathways for opportunities for Toronto’s residents. This year was no exception. As you will see in this year’s Impact Report, we continue to help thousands of people by providing mental health support, employment programs, affordable housing, programs for youth and seniors, child care, and so much more, giving people the support they need to thrive during these challenging times.

Our organization is also expanding physically. During the past year, we’ve added more than 400 new affordable housing units and our new child care centre, Aquabella, is opening later this year.

The impact we make is also receiving recognition. In December 2022, our Community Care Unit was awarded Accreditation with Commendation by Accreditation Canada. The City of Toronto also honoured us with a Community Champion Award for our efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To our staff, volunteers, donors, and partners, thank you for all your contributions this past year and for ensuring that the UNMET needs of our more than 37,000 clients are MET.

Read on to see the difference WoodGreen is making in our community.

Our Impact at a Glance


social housing units located at 28 properties


people employed with our support


in tax benefits received by 2,942 clients through WoodGreen’s Income Tax Clinic


newcomers welcomed from 124 countries


calls for support answered by the Toronto Seniors Helpline


Meals on Wheels deliveries made to seniors and adults living with disabilities


children served in our child care centres


volunteer hours contributed by 740 volunteers



How we helped meet the needs of Torontonians in 2022


“I am grateful to have a roof over my head; this would not happen without WoodGreen Community Services. This support has ensured my privacy and dignity as a senior. Through WoodGreen, I got connected with a dentist, and I have an appointment for dentures by the end of this month. I had been waiting for this for three years. My case manager is helping me a lot. And most importantly, I feel I am always heard by staff members. I like and appreciate the neighbourhood.”


“I always felt accepted and supported by WoodGreen staff. Sometimes even an encouraging word or believing in somebody can make a difference. I remember my first unsuccessful interview and the encouragement, support, and guidance I got from staff, leading me to refocus on job opportunities that best match my specific background and the industry I had experience in. They were right. That helped me transition into employment faster, and I am already growing in my career.”


“WoodGreen’s Community Connections program has been instrumental in my journey as a newcomer. From creating a welcoming and inclusive environment to providing language support, cultural integration, and employment readiness assistance, the program has played a pivotal role in my success. Thanks to the program's commitment to supporting English as a Second Language students like me, I have been able to overcome obstacles, integrate into the community, and thrive in my new environment.”


“The guidance and support I received from the Rites of Passage mentors and elders were priceless. I now have a deeper understanding of myself and my place in the world. I am grateful for this opportunity and highly recommend it to anyone looking to embark on a journey of self-discovery, maturity, and personal growth.”


"The skills I acquired in WoodGreen's Dialectical Behavioural Therapy group have been so easy to use in my day-to-day, while at the same time having a huge impact on how I navigate situations by grounding, regulating my emotions, and preparing me for difficult upcoming situations. I can't express enough how grateful I am that there are places in the community like WoodGreen offering help and support to those in need. This resource has truly changed my life in ways I never knew possible.”


“Thanks to Homeward Bound, I recently graduated, debt-free, with an International Business Diploma, and I will start an internship in the spring of 2023. I have a roof over my head. I am able to save some money. The program gave me an opportunity to gather and rebuild myself, and time to heal and strengthen. It is my support system and the support system of many other women who’ve gone through the program and are, as a result, in a better life position today.”


Giving Torontonians a place to call home

Toronto is in a housing emergency with more than 10,000 people living on the streets, 2,000 of whom are youth. There is a ten-year waitlist for affordable housing that includes more than 100,000 people. In response, WoodGreen is planning to build and/or manage an additional 2,000 affordable housing units by the end of this decade.

This past year, we moved closer to that goal, opening an additional 59 units at 540 Cedarvale Ave. Cedarvale provides permanent housing to seniors 55+ who are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of becoming homeless. Residents have support and staff available 24/7 and are provided with meals, activities, and individual mental health and financial counselling. WoodGreen also now manages an additional 354 units as the new property manager of St.Hilda’s Towers, bringing our total number of housing units to 1,414, with more to come in 2023.

WoodGreen is also leading the way in providing innovative, cost-effective affordable housing with a successful energy retrofit program at several of our housing facilities. The results exceeded expectations with double the expected cost savings. This prompted a study funded by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation to look into designating WoodGreen’s project as a best-practices model across the housing sector

WoodGreen’s successes this year were bolstered by our excellent relationships with local developers, including the City of Toronto (Cedarvale), Great Gulf (Power Street), as well as those with whom we are currently planning future developments, including Daniels, Castlepoint, TAS, Kindred Works, Dream, Tricon, and Birchmount Green.

Progress to 3,000 affordable housing units by 2030

WoodGreen opens its doors to its new supportive housing building for seniors

Watch some of the reactions of neighbours and community members when they attended our open house at 540 Cedarvale Ave., WoodGreen’s new supportive housing building for seniors, in November 2022


Helping job seekers succeed in the new world of work

As we emerge from the pandemic, job seekers need to have the necessary skills to thrive in an increasingly changing and competitive job market. WoodGreen offers reskilling, retraining, and credentialling support so job seekers can find meaningful employment in this new world of work.

During the last year, WoodGreen’s employment services locations hosted open houses to raise awareness about our various employment programs. Attendees were able to get their resumes reviewed and win prizes.

In response to the skilled trade worker shortages in Canada, WoodGreen partnered with George Brown College to develop programs that help job seekers enter the trades. One program, the CNC/Precision Machining Skills Training Program, focused on recruiting women and LGBTQ2+ community members, promoting increased diversity within the sector.

Recent data reveals that newcomer youth experience lower employment rates and earn less, on average, compared to their Canadian-born peers. To help solve this problem, WoodGreen partnered with the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) and JVS Toronto on the Youth Employment and Skills Strategy (YESS) project. Supported by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the initiative aims to enhance access to equitable and effective employment programs for newcomer youth.

In a post-pandemic world, WoodGreen remains committed to empowering job seekers and bridging gaps in the labour market through a comprehensive range of employment services.

Our Impact

6,000+ people accessed WoodGreen’s Employment Services and Workforce Development programs

Mental health no longer a roadblock to a successful career path

Gabriella’s reasons for leaving the workforce weren’t obvious to anyone but her, nor were the obstacles in her path when she tried to return. She couldn’t see how it would be possible to jumpstart a career while living with mental health issues. Then she discovered WoodGreen’s Work Initiative Network (WIN).

WIN helps clients develop the skills, routine, and confidence needed to find — and keep — a job. The program boasts an outstanding success rate for participants, including Gabriella, who is now in the driver’s seat on the road to success.

Read more.


WoodGreen empowers newcomers to successfully start their new lives in Canada

We are committed to creating a Toronto where all are welcome.

2022 saw Canada break records for population growth, fuelled almost entirely by newcomers, including Ukrainians fleeing war. Thanks to funding from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and donations to The WoodGreen Foundation, WoodGreen provided 651 Ukrainian newcomers with language and employment support services.

WoodGreen also successfully piloted a newcomer well-being model, which places newcomer mental health and wellness at the centre of our service delivery model. This approach has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from newcomers accessing our services.

Finally, as we continue to place an emphasis on ensuring newcomers are able to find meaningful employment, our newcomer services worked closely with our employment services team, 60 per cent of whose clients were also newcomers.

Our Impact

6,092 hours of English language instruction provided

11,000 settlement service appointments provided

Building communities for newcomers, one circle at a time

A sense of belonging is crucial to newcomer success, and WoodGreen volunteers are helping make that happen. Some lead conversation circles, initially designed to improve English language skills. Newcomers, however, quickly discovered that the circles actually create a multicultural “tiny Toronto” where many form their first friendships in Canada.

Read more.


Assisting youth through uncertain times

After years of pandemic disruptions, the demand for mental health services among youth is on the rise.

In 2022, our Youth Wellness Centre continued to engage youth and provide “one-stop shop” access to mental health and wellness programs, recreation, mentorship, and training opportunities. The centre also provided drop-in support services, such as the Youth Housing Navigator program, which helps young people find and maintain safe and affordable housing.

Throughout the year, the Rites of Passage youth program hosted a number of workshops and events for participants and alumni, including an Indaba reunion and a trip to the National Black Canadians Summit. The program’s culturally-informed approach continues to help Black youth explore their identity and develop a sense of purpose.

In the coming year, WoodGreen will continue working to empower youth by providing supportive pathways to achieve their goals and reclaim their futures.

Our Impact

124 events/programs provided by the Youth Wellness Centre, attended by 1,088 youth

150 youth and alumni participated in Rites of Passage activities and events

Toronto youth gets support and leadership skills thanks to WoodGreen

While searching for mental health support, Alhamin Animashaun found much more than he expected at WoodGreen: friendship, community, and a place to call a second home. Animashaun says that his experience at WoodGreen’s Youth Wellness Centre drop-in program strengthened his networking skills, taught him self-love, and gave him the confidence he needs to excel in his future career. Today, he refers other youth to WoodGreen and is a member of our Youth Advisory Council and an active participant in the Rites of Passage program.

Read more.


Improving mental health access for better community health outcomes

In the mental health “echo pandemic”, many people are reporting increased feelings of anxiety and burnout.

WoodGreen’s Mental Health, Addictions, and Developmental Services (MHADS) unit is helping meet the growing need for mental health and substance-use support in Toronto. The unit offers programs and services for individuals, caregivers, and communities living with complex mental health needs, addictions, and cognitive issues.

In 2022, our Walk-In Counselling provided service to over 400 new clients, many of whom were accessing mental health services for the first time.

WoodGreen has been acknowledged as a leader in providing reliable and accessible mental health support. Both the Toronto Seniors Helpline and the Comprehensive Care and Integration Specialist Team were recognized as leading practices by the Health Standards Organization.

This year, the MHADS unit will continue working to further the development of a strong community health system, ensuring individuals are able to live at home within their communities.

Our Impact

26,996 intakes, referrals, and service navigation requests processed through Central Intake, exceeding our target by 157 per cent

2,261 seniors supported through our Crisis Outreach Service for Seniors

1,469 visits for free walk-in mental health counselling

WoodGreen’s Walk-In Counselling gives community members a space to be heard

"The counsellor helped me navigate where I am in my head and offered me hope. I feel more confident heading into the situation now after the session."

“I don't know where I would have gone for help if I was not able to talk to someone through WoodGreen today. The counselling session really helped."

“Having someone to talk to and listen to was useful and reminded me that the issues I am dealing with may not be as bad as I imagined them to be.”

Ensuring seniors are “seen” at home and in the community

Increased isolation resulting from social-distancing measures continues to have a significant impact on the health and well-being of many seniors. WoodGreen’s Seniors Wellness programs help older adults at risk of isolation live at home and in the community in good health and with dignity.

Regular socialization and community participation are critical components of successful aging in place. Last year, WoodGreen ensured seniors living at home were able to maintain strong community connections by providing social and safety visits and rides to and from appointments, day programs, and community events.

Helping caregivers navigate the healthcare system and find assistance for their loved ones was another area of focus last year. In collaboration with East Toronto Health Partners, we developed a series of free educational videos to answer frequently asked questions and help caregivers find support for both their care recipients and themselves.

Following the successful launch of our Assisted Living Services (ALS) at St. Hilda’s Towers in 2022, this year we will continue working to expand our assisted living services and improve integrated care for Toronto’s seniors alongside our community partners.

Our Impact

19,984 hours of Assisted Living Services delivered

8,912 social and safety visits performed

10,885 trips provided by our Transportation Services team

A safe and supportive space for older adults to thrive

For participants like Barbara, WoodGreen’s Adult Day Program is a home away from home. In 2022, the program received over 8,000 visits. Watch this video to learn more.

Video by Norm Li


Giving single mothers the tools and support to transform their lives

Since COVID-19, domestic violence has worsened. The City of Toronto has even declared domestic violence to be an epidemic.

Our Homeward Bound program gives mother-led families in crisis a chance to find safety and change their lives. Through the program, single moms can upgrade their education, pursue a fully funded two-year college diploma, and start a new career.

In 2022, we opened 23 new Homeward Bound housing units on Gerrard Street East, thanks to a partnership with the City of Toronto. This expansion means we will be able to help more mother-led families and enhance the breadth and depth of this innovative program in the coming year.

The Homeward Bound Industry Council continues to play a pivotal role in the program’s success, providing invaluable internship opportunities and securing new employment opportunities for participants at renowned companies. Furthermore, the council has played a vital role in expanding the college program options for Homeward Bound participants in the field of technology.

With donor support, WoodGreen also expanded the tutoring program within Homeward Bound, increasing capacity by 150 per cent. The program emphasizes a growth mindset, empowering children to persevere and be resilient to overcome challenges. In 2022, parents reported progress in their child’s academic and mentorship skills, which highlights the impact of the program.

Through initiatives such as these, Homeward Bound continues its unwavering commitment to helping mother-led families have brighter futures.

Our Impact

100 per cent of graduates gained employment

Kids who participated in tutoring raised their grades by an average of 5 percentage points compared to the previous academic year

Homeward Bound Industry Council volunteer helps to transform women’s lives

Every year, Homeward Bound’s Industry Council helps participants turn their career goals into a reality. Meet council chair Kelly Catena, who has become a lifelong friend to countless women who have successfully completed the four-year wrap-around program. Through personalized strategies, real-world advice, and critical thinking, Catena and her fellow council members help women launch their careers, setting them on a path to financial stability, success, and independence.

Read more.


Click on the buttons below to see the 2022–2023 consolidated financial reports for WoodGreen Community Services and The WoodGreen Foundation.

WoodGreen Community Services

REVENUE ($) 2023 2022
Government of Canada 7,298,171 7,866,940
Government of Ontario 30,785,904 29,149,404
City of Toronto 8,837,599 5,835,367
Fees for services 6,648,899 6,764,798
United Way 949,097 1,122,050
Investment income 558,188 56,171
Fundraising & productive enterprises 3,128,559 1,864,574
Amortization of deferred capital contributions 205,959 244,547
Service contracts and Other 4,449,785 4,036,895
TOTAL 62,862,161 56,940,746
Salaries and benefits 43,391,255 40,651,729
Purchase of services 3,995,800 3,665,402
Building occupancy 4,519,679 3,949,701
Programs, food & transportation 5,396,811 4,832,588
Training incentives 1,573,588 891,191
Office 2,184,960 1,148,505
Recruitment and education 270,632 228,480
Promotion and publicity 124,056 87,354
Amortization of capital assets 398,390 416,925
Donations to The WoodGreen Foundation 854,837 732,690
Other 122,582 286,888
TOTAL 62,832,590 56,891,453

The WoodGreen Foundation

REVENUE ($) 2023 2022
Donations $ 4,616,082 $ 4,502,832
Donations from WoodGreen Community Services $ 854,837 $ 732,690
Investment Income $ 212,163 $ 42,454
Other $ – $ –
TOTAL $ 5,683,082 $ 5,277,976
Fundraising and special events $ 460,839 $ 84,216
Administrative $ 1,317,034 $ 894,042
TOTAL $ 1,777,873 $ 978,258
Change in fair value of investments $ 26,340 $ 182,884
Donations to WoodGreen Community Services $ (2,809,460) $ (1,521,505)
Donations to WoodGreen Community Housing Inc. $ (107,929) $ (561,000)
EXCESS OF REVENUE OVER EXPENSES $ 1,014,160 $ 2,400,097
BEGINNING OF YEAR $ 11,971,541 $ 9,571,444
FUND BALANCES END OF YEAR $ 12,985,701 $ 11,971,541
OPENING BALANCE $ 962,355.00 $ 1,376,017.00
Expenditure for Seniors Housing Project at 1117 Gerrard St. E. $ 8,187.00 $ 450,000.00
Investment Income $ 22,535.00 $ 36,338.00
CLOSING BALANCE $ 976,703.00 $ 962,355.00

Bill MacKinnon
The WoodGreen Foundation

Teresa Vasilopoulos
Executive Director
The WoodGreen Foundation

Message from Executive Director and Chair of the WoodGreen Foundation

We continue to be inspired by the resilience of WoodGreen’s clients, staff, and volunteers — and by the generosity of our donors.

This past year, donor support enabled WoodGreen to provide counselling for people overwhelmed by their circumstances, assistance for newcomers fleeing atrocities, crisis services for isolated seniors, help for people encountering food insecurity, a safe place to live for mother-led families fleeing abuse, and individuals experiencing homelessness.

Yet the basic human needs of many of our neighbours still are not being met. Individuals who were already disproportionately affected by the repercussions of the pandemic are being increasingly challenged by the economic downturn. More and more people are facing food insecurity and financial hardship.

WoodGreen has a plan to support the unmet needs in our city. Earlier this year, with invaluable donations from our media partners, we rolled out and launched the awareness phase of our $25 million UNMET Needs Campaign to enable WoodGreen to empower underserved individuals and families.

Momentum is building. Already, more people in crisis see WoodGreen as a place to turn for support and more people recognize that, by directing their giving to WoodGreen, they can help create real change.

We thank you for your support and commitment — together we will ensure UNMET needs are MET.

Our Donors

Thank you to all of our donors for your continued generosity and support of WoodGreen’s programs and services. You are an important part of our organization and our work would not be possible without you.

See our full list of donors

$1M+ Donors
The Sprott Foundation
$250,000 to $999,999.00 Donors
TJX Canada
$100,000 to $249,999 Donors
BMO Financial Group, Ed and Fran Clark, RBC Financial Group, Leo Salom, Scotiabank, TD Bank Group, The Garron Foundation, The Hilary & Galen Weston Foundation, TJX Canada Foundation, United Way Greater Toronto – Allan Slaight Seniors Fund, Wittington Investments Limited
$50,000 to $99,999 Donors
Intuit Financial Freedom Foundation, Krystal Koo and Michael Cooper
$10,000 to $49,999.00 Donors
Capital One, Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada, Peter Cordy, Cornelis van de Graaff and Terence Clarkson Foundation at Toronto Foundation, Credit Suisse Securities (Canada) INC., Bob and Gayle Cronin, Donner Canadian Foundation, Elevation Church Canada, Glen Manor Capital Inc., London Stock Exchange Foundation, William A. MacKinnon and Sandie Dix, Ruth Mandel – WHO GIVES Fund, Mawer Investment Management Limited, Ryan McNally, Ontario Association, Paliare Roland Rosenberg Rothstein LLP, Rom-Grand Waterfront Ltd, RP Investment Advisors LP, TD Wealth Advice, The Lewis Cohen Family Foundation, Toronto Foundation, The Toronto Star Fresh Air Fund, John Tory and Barbara Hackett, United Way – Women United, Teresa Vasilopoulos, Beth Wilson, Janice Wright
$1,000 to $9,999.00 Donors
407 ETR Concession Company, Alex and Jessica Sinclair Fund, Allen & Overy LLP, Aqueduct Foundation, Atura Power, Betty Augaitis, Austin Birch, Anne Babcock and Robert Crow, Baillie Thomas Fund, Craig Ballard, Yvonne Battista, Ursulla Beamish-Mader, Ruth Bothern, Jeff Bowman, John Brodhead, Brookfield Properties Development, Burgundy Legacy Foundation, Laurie Campbell, Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP, Kin Chan, Charities Aid Foundation America, Charities Aid Foundation of Canada, CHUM Charitable Foundation, Sandy Cimoroni, Cisco Systems Inc., Ziva Clifford-Mandel, Laura Dalfino, Deloitte Management Services LP, Patricia Meredith, Edward Dodig, Dream Unlimited, Gabriel Eidelman, Robert Eisenberg, Terri Ellis and Nicholas Samurkas, Enbridge Gas Inc., Estate of Kitty M. Gafney, Evergreen Brick Works, Diane Flanagan, Patricia J. Fleming (FBG) Fund at the Toronto Foundation, G. Raymond Chang Ltd, Craig Garbe, Jan Goddard and Gordon Howe, Brendan Gray, George Hagan, HarbourVest Partners, Kevin Haverty, The Hofmann Family, Homeless Connect Toronto, Lynne Howarth, Hydro One Inc., Intact Financial Corporation, James McTamney & Company Inc., Jonathan A. Maier Professional Corporation, Sarah Keizer, Michelle Kerr, Norman Kerr, Kindred Works, Latiff Kitchell, Kathy Koch and Joseph Howarth, Raj Kothari, Ken Le, Leaside United Church, Left Turn Right Turn Ltd., Heather Legg, Liberation Practice International Inc., LifeWorks Inc, Long View Systems, Linda MacKay, Aaron Marchildon, Mattamy Homes, Mazon Canada, Patricia and Martin McFarland, Lindsay McLeod, Sonali Mehta, Microsoft Canada Inc., Mills Insurance Brokers Limited, Hywel Alun Moore, Sheila Moran, Sean Mullin, Karen Myers, Robert and Virginia O’Reilly, Paolo Pasquini, Peter & Catherine Clark Family Foundation, Pokoloko, Charlotte Positano, Elizabeth Qualben and Aron Pervin, Barbara Rea, R-Hauz Services Inc., Robins Appleby LLP, Ian Robinson, Modesto Romano, David Rosenbluth, Jo-Anne Ryan, Erika Schiavoni and Julian Salcedo, Schachter Family Fund at Toronto Foundation, SHS Inc. (operating as SHS Consulting), Shum Vourkoutiotis Fund, Brian and Maureen Smith, Karen Somerville, Laurence Goldberg and Diane Spivak, Sun Life Financial, Susan M. Manwaring Professional Corporation, SvN Architects & Planners, TD Insurance, The Dawson Family Sharing Foundation, The Rotary Club of East York, The WoodGreen Foundation Young Leaders Council, Anne Thomas, Toronto East Rotary Club, Wendy Tsau, Van Kralingen & Keenberg LLP, Lenore Walters, Rick Waugh, Wilson Opportunity Foundation, Sam and Julie Winberg, Jasmine Wong, Eve Wyatt, Youth and Philanthropy Initiative Canada, Toni Zhong
$100.00 to $999.99 Donors
Kait Abma, Stephen Abma, Jack Alvo, AMD, Jonathan Angelucci, Lynda Angelucci, Roanne Argyle, Colin Arnold, Aviso Wealth Inc., Leanne Baarda, Moira Bacon, Sanjay Bahl, Elizabeth Bailey, Dushy Balamohan, Denise Balkissoon, Simone Balkissoon, Jon Bankson, Brian Barron, Tina Barry Keith, Lauren Bates, Jehan Batliwalla, Coco Bee, Bell Canada Employee Giving Program, Raymond Bennett, Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance, Indira Bheem, Samuel Bishop-Green, Cristyn Blakeney, Larry Bookman, Michael Bookman, Sylvia Borges, Allie Bradford, Ed Reed and Johanna Brand, Juanita Brandt, Wendy Brathwaite, Heather Broughton, Janet Bruneau, Elizabeth Buryk, Chris Byers, James Byers, Kate Byers, Michael Byers, Violet Cameron, Gerry Campbell, Nancy Campbell, Stefan Campbell, CanadaHelps, Giovanna Caringi, Chelsea Carter, Jason Carvalho and Kelita Klein, Gabrielle Cary, Paul Cary, Stewart Cary, Consuelo Castillo, Robert Cavaliere, Kim Chan, Mei Yan Chan, Brigette Chang, Amy and Eric CharlesChiu, Sharon Charlton, Dana Chen, Angela Chipchase, Richard Chong, Beverley Chow, Kimberley Clarke, Timothy Clifford, Guy Cloutier, N. Barry Lyon Consulting Limited, Peter Coo, Darlene Cook, Sean Coughlin, Michael Crabb, Katharine Crossley, Megan Crow, Cumulus, John Curran, Dan Currie, Adrienne Dandy, Beverly Daniels, Pratyush Das, Douglass Dawson, Catherine De Fazio, Vivienne Denton, Sarah Dewar, Ryan Deyne, Antonia Di Cristofaro, Soveda Dixon, Angela Wei Djao and Anthony Bernard Chan, DMG Advocates LLP, Neil Dobbs, Doug Dougherty, Christine Douglas, AI Dow, Tricia Doyle, Steve Dumanski, Shabnum Durrani, Erin Eadie, Kevin Edmonson, Tom Edwards, Fred Ernst, Ceri Evans, Nolan Evans, Rosemary Evans, Anthony Farnell, Ellen Fenn, Mary Elizabeth Fenn, Ann Fernandes, Mary Field, Kathleen Fiesta, Doris Figueroa, Margaret Fisher, Steve Floros, Elizabeth Forbes, John Forsyth, Dolores Franco, Gaetano Franco, John Fraser, Norman Fraser, Randall Freeborn, Deena-Kay Froese, Jordon Froese, Anne Froude, James Fu, Lucia Gagliese, Maria Gagliese, Dominique Gagnon, Robert Galea and Larissa Hogan, Mark R. Garland, Remi Gaudet, Scott Gavura, Stephen Gelder, Pierre Gendron, David George, Leanne George, Varugis George, Andrew George-Parkin, Amanda Geurtjens, Kathleen Goodwin, Phyllis Gordon, Wilfred Gordon, Catherine Graham, Diane Granfield, Thomas Granofsky, Stewart Graydon, Owen Green, Barbara Griesdale, Susan Griffin, Vilma Guerra, Joyce Guest, Scott Hackney, William Hackney, Anne Halimand, Alex Hallink-Irwin, Rebecca Hall-McGuire, Yang Han, Donald Hanna, Gilbert Hardy, Pat Harris, Caroline Hayashi, Joanne Hayes, Martin Henderson, Gordon Henning, Karin Hill, M. Elizabeth Hill, Hilton Toronto Hotel, Catherine Ho, Maisie Ho, Kim Hober, Eva Maria Hofmann, Christopher Hollow, Donald Holman, Melissa Homulos, Kuo-Chen Hong and Tzu-Ho Hong, Harrison Hopkinson, Kathleen Horiszny, Jerry Howarth, Carol Howell, Selina Huang, Rebecca Hudson, Humphrey Funeral Home-A.W.Miles Chapel, IBM, Interware Systems Inc., Raymond Bennett, Peter Irwin, Reid Irwin, Sarah Jacob, Valerie Jacobs, Michael Jason, JobStart, Alicia Johnston, Mitsuko Kadonaga, Dina Kamal, Alia Kamlani, Sindi Karafili, Jack Karvat, Jason Kemp, Adam Kerbel, Al Kiel, Bridget King, Cynthia King, Jocelyn King, Barbara Kinnear, Kelita Klein, Alan Koch, Pieter Kooiman, Uwe Krebs, Adene Kuchera, Larry Kurio, Boafoa Kwamena, Susan Laffier-Fraser, Derek Lai, John Larsh, LDIC Inc., Elizabeth Lee, Gordon Lee, Robert Lee, William Lee, Doreen Leitch, Mary Lem, Soo Kim Lem, Alan Levy, Elaine Levy, Greg Lichti, Lightning Source, Ryan Lindsay, Michelle Ling, Robert Lister, Wei Liu, Kim Lockhart, Janet Lum, Justin Lum, Murray Lumley, Christine MacDonald, Sandra and Mike MacDonald, Cynthia MacDougall, Dominic Magnone, MaryLou Maher, Colette Malo, Karen Malone, Judith Mandel, Terry Mandzy, Shane Mannion, Manpower Services Canada Ltd., Anargyros Marangos, Mary Marlatt, Matte PR Inc., Wanda Mazza, Brian McClellan, John and Nancy McFadyen, Darren McLennan, Marjorie McLeod, Anne McNeil, Tina McPhee, Caleigh McQuade, Barbara McQuillan, Mehran Mehrdadi, Alex Meschino, Vytas Mickevicius, Melanie Milanich, Derry and Susan Millar, Michael Milosevic, Anne-Mary More, Morning Parade Coffee Bar, Mary Morra, Juli Morrow, Mike Moyer and Patricia Mastromatteo, Multiplex Construction Canada Ltd., Kerry Munro, Sharon Munro, Liz Murray, Shadrick Mwarigha, Ramasamy Narayanan, Michael Neagu, Jonathan Nehmetallah, Neighbourhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Margaret Newall, Christoph Ng, Naomi E. Norquay, Rob Norquay, Randy Northcote, Nulogy Corporation, Peter Nurse, Maria O’Connell, Nobuko Oikawa, Zakary Paget, Troy Pariag, Emma Patriquin, Kenny Pearl, Karl Pelowich, Guy Perry, Carol Anne Phoenix, Nick Plantitis, Jan Polanski, William Polski, Daniel Ponech, Elizabeth Quinlan, Dorothy Quon, Race Roster North America Corp., Jordana Radke, Neil and Anna Rankin, Roya Raoufi, Frances Ray, Michael Ray, Ed Reed, Crystal Reedie, Anne M. Reid, Irwin Reid, Tara Reinhart, Jeffrey Reitz, Jane Robinson, Ruth-Ann Robinson, Seanna Robinson, Amanda Rodney, Carlos Rodriguez, Etn Rodriguez, Fenyrose Romano, Nadia Romano, Valentina Romano, Maria Rossin, Madeleine Rothberg, Anna Kay Russell du Toit, Leilani Rutherford, Jim Ruyter, Susan Sainsbury, Patricia Salmon, Quinn Samardzic, Nishma Sangha, Maria E. Santos, Karen Sasaki, Laura Sawyer, Raphael Schapiro, Rebbeca Schoenhardt, Norah Schraivogel, Gina Scola, Dennis Semkiw, Aneesa Shaik, Sara Shams, Claire Shaw, Kristin Shensel, Sheshi Company 1 Inc., Jane Shivas, Rebecca Shoom, Catherine Siemens, Trudy Simpson, Louise Singer, Jagteshwar Singh, Brendan Smith, Debbie Smith, Hanna Smith, Joyce Smith, Daphna Smuckler, Michael Sohn, Michelle Southey-Pillig, Jane Spooner, Ilavajady Srinivasan, SSG Nexus Security Group Ltd, Anja Stankov, Jonathan Steele, Norman Stewart, Anna Strom-Olsen, Sean Strong, Mohamad Shariati, Julia Talman, Charles Tator, TELUS, The Goodman Family Foundation, Lisa Thompson, Brenda Tipper, Paula Tognarelli, Annabel Tory, Christopher Tory, George Tory, Nick Tory, Susan Tremblay, Kymberley Trumper, Mellonie Truong, Tas Tsonis, Carolyn Turney, Anne Ungar, Unilever, David Van Staalduinen, Mike Vanderlinden, Nina Vitopoulos, Alex Walker, Lyn Wallington, Susan Wansbrough, Isabel Ward, Andrew Warman, Barbara Warren, Gary Waxman, Jordana Waxman, Joseph Weintrop, WG Psychology, Barbara Whitney, Victoria Wiley, David Wilkin, Melinda Wilsher, Robert Witterick, Alton Wong, Daniela Yanez, Darren Young, ZS Associates, Dana Zuech

UNMET Gala support will be recognized in our 2023/24 report

Hear from our donors

"I have always supported other charities, but Homeward Bound has always been my single largest donation. For me, it’s the complete comprehensive set of supports that Homeward Bound offers that attracts me to donate. I’ve never heard of another program that is so fully encompassing and I believe that my donations to WoodGreen help give the single mothers involved, the very best chance at future success. And I believe that impacting those mothers and families will have compounding effects for generations to come."

- Brian Martin

“As a member of WoodGreen’s Young Leaders Council, it has been amazing to discover the effective and thoughtful services offered at WoodGreen and the incredible teams behind them all. There are so many people with unmet needs, and WoodGreen stands out in the city as an organization endeavouring to support them all.

Everyone's schedules fill up so quickly and it is easy to forget charitable giving. The monthly giving platform enables my continued and consistent support to this important organization”

- Reid Irwin

“WoodGreen holds a special place in my family and in my heart. As a child, I attended the WoodGreen child care centre in Leslieville, enabling my new immigrant parents to attend college and launch their Canadian careers.

Today, I am proud to teach my own kids about the amazing work WoodGreen does to make our communities stronger and our city a place where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

When the kids have a birthday party, instead of presents, we ask for a donation to be made in their names to The WoodGreen Foundation and we encourage others to do the same. WoodGreen is our community.”

- Tricia Ramsarran-Doyle

The WoodGreen Foundation launches bold campaign to address Toronto’s UNMET needs

With Toronto’s wealth gap widening as never before, the fundamental needs of many individuals and families are shockingly UNMET. Countless residents are UNseen, UNsupported, UNsafe, UNwelcome, UNemployed, and UNhoused.

WoodGreen is raising the alarm and leading the charge to create transformational change.

Our $25 million UNMET Needs Campaign will help ensure that everyone has the necessary support to empower them to lead healthy, fulfilling lives. It will create a more equitable city and ensure Torontonians’ needs are MET.

The WoodGreen Foundation was thrilled, and honoured, to launch the UNMET Needs Campaign with a magnificent $4 million gift — the largest single philanthropic gift in WoodGreen’s history — from The Sprott Foundation. The Sprott family’s remarkable investment will enable the development of much-needed affordable, supportive housing for seniors at Bowden Street and Danforth Avenue.

As our financial year ended, our exceptional Gala Committee was finalizing plans for WoodGreen’s inaugural UNMET Gala, which took place on May 4th. The gala was a runaway success, shining a spotlight on WoodGreen and the need for investment in the social services sector and raising more than $1.5 million in support of the campaign.

WoodGreen is grateful for the outpouring of support we are seeing for the UNMET Needs Campaign. Together, we can be the change!

Our People

WoodGreen Community Services and The WoodGreen Foundation are made up of passionate, creative, and talented people devoted to making positive change happen every day. Meet our leadership team and boards of directors.

WoodGreen Community Services' Leadership Team

Anne Babcock

President and CEO

WoodGreen Community Services

Teresa Vasilopoulos

Executive Director

The WoodGreen Foundation

Tishanth Kanesalingam

CFO & Senior Vice President


Randall Freeborn

Senior Vice President

People & Strategic Initiatives

Dorothy Quon

Vice President

Community Care (Seniors and Health Services)

Elaine Levy

Vice President

Child Care & Family Services

Mehran Mehrdadi

Vice President

Information Systems and CPO


Vice President

Housing & Homelessness Services

Steve Vanderherberg

Vice President

Community Programs

WoodGreen Community Services' Board of Directors

Nupi Zubair


Karen Myers

Vice Chair

Sean Mullin

Former Chair

Alia Kamlani

Former Vice Chair

Antonella Ceddia

Eric Tung

Ian Tait

Janice Winton

Jennifer Lee

Karl Pelowich

Kelvin Vo

Raphael Schapiro

Rasha El Sissi

Roanne Argyle

Shabnum Durrani

The WoodGreen Foundation's Board of Directors

Bill Mackinnon


Anne Babcock

Anil K. Kapoor

Beth Wilson

Brigette Chang

Craig Ballard

Diana Thomson

Erica Baron

Gurbani Marwah

Jason Carvalho

Jessica Polanski

Juliana Sprott

Krystal Koo

Laura Dalfino

Marg Rappolt

Patrick Gladney

Ryan McNally

Vijay Kanwar


WoodGreen creates opportunities across the city from 44 locations. Take a look at the interactive map below.

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