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21 March 2023

WoodGreen to open new Aquabella child care centre in East Bayfront community

Tureisha Hamlet, Manager of Public Relations and Corporate Communications

WoodGreen has been selected by the City of Toronto to be the third-party operator of the new Aquabella child care centre opening in Spring 2023. Located at 75 Edgewater Dr., Aquabella Child Care will support the growing population of families with young children in the developing East Bayfront community, providing high-quality child care and enriched learning opportunities for up to 10 infants, 20 toddlers and 32 preschool-aged children.

“WoodGreen’s child care centres are an essential part of the communities we serve,” said Elaine Levy, WoodGreen’s Vice President of Child Care & Family Services. “Aquabella will be WoodGreen’s eighth child care location and a new opportunity for us to continue to support families in Toronto as a provider of high-quality child care.”

Building Strong Foundations in a Thoughtfully Planned Facility

WoodGreen’s child care locations offer safe, welcoming and positive learning experiences that promote social and emotional growth and the new Aquabella facility has been thoughtfully designed with these objectives in mind.

The facility fit-out, conducted by Waterfront Toronto with input from the City of Toronto’s Children’s Services, features play spaces and structures that are specifically built to meet children’s developmental needs at each age. Age-geared sandboxes, an interactive cheese wall that infants can climb into, and birdhouse play structures for toddlers and preschoolers are some of the features that will support play-based learning and skill development.

Special attention has also been paid to the visual design of the facility. Toronto-based illustrator and painter, Caitlin Taguibao, was commissioned to create several murals for the centre inspired by the wildlife of the lakeshore neighbourhood.

Creating an Inclusive Space for a Diverse Community

Respect for diversity and differences in family makeup, culture, values, and practice is deeply embedded in WoodGreen's approach to child care services. We believe that every child is entitled to a safe and caring learning environment. We also strive to offer the same range of opportunities within all our centres and to accept all children, regardless of level or type of abilities.

Recognizing that each child is a unique individual who brings their own abilities to the program, our Resource Consultant works directly with families to provide extra support where needed. We are also proud to accept subsidies for eligible families offered through Toronto’s Children’s Services to help reduce financial barriers and ensure equitable access to care.

Bird nest climbing structure

The opening of the Aquabella child care centre is an exciting time of growth for WoodGreen’s child care community. We look forward to working in partnership with families and residents of East Bayfront to create a welcoming neighbourhood space that supports well-being and enhances the quality of life for all community members.

For more information about waitlist /enrollment at Aquabella child care centre, please contact Jessica Wong – 416-645-6000, ext. 1158. For more information about WoodGreen’s Child Care programs, please visit our website here.

*Photo credit for all images: Michael van Leur Photography

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