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01 March 2023

WoodGreen’s UNMET Needs Campaign takes action for Toronto’s pressing needs

Jennifer Mayville, Senior Manager, Communications

From the increasing cost of living to a housing crisis and everything in between, more and more, the unmet needs in Toronto keep piling up. In response, WoodGreen Community Services has launched a new campaign—called the UNMET Needs Campaign—to draw attention to these issues and the important role that social services agencies, such as WoodGreen, play in helping to solve them.

“The needs of growing numbers of Torontonians are shockingly unmet,” said Anne Babcock, President and CEO of WoodGreen. “Community agencies are witnessing a dramatic increase in the demand for services stemming from pandemic disruptions that disproportionately affected underserved neighbourhoods. With the wealth gap widening and the current economic situation creating alarming pressures, more and more people are unhoused and unsupported in what is already known to be the least equitable city in the country.”

Watch our UNMET Needs Campaign video


Change makers and WoodGreen ambassadors to use social media to raise awareness about #UNMETCampaign


For the first phase of the campaign, WoodGreen ambassadors and city change makers will use their social media platforms starting on March 1st to elevate the conversation around the many unmet social needs in Toronto. They will wear branded UNMET t-shirts and post photos on their social platforms to give voice to the unmet needs across Toronto. Follow the hashtag #UNMETCampaign to see the latest posts on social media!


The goal of the awareness phase of the UNMET Needs Campaign is, in part, to raise WoodGreen's profile ahead of the upcoming public fundraising phase. However, WoodGreen is just one of the many front-line community agencies that ensure all Torontonians have the resources and support they need to thrive. Because of this, WoodGreen is taking an inclusive approach and is hoping to draw attention to the crucial need for investment in the whole social services sector.

“Last year, over two million people reached out to United Way Greater Toronto’s network of 300 frontline agencies for food, housing, connection to services and supports and that number is expected to surge for years to come – the long tail impact of Covid, inflation and systemic barriers,” said Daniele Zanotti, President and CEO of United Way Greater Toronto. “The bridge between met and unmet needs for a growing number of our neighbours, family and friends is a network of partners working with the community in a united way. Every day, WoodGreen, a United Way anchor agency, is at the forefront of addressing the immediate and improving the underlying social conditions. Serving, solving and advocating that for this place to be great – it has got to be great for all.”

If you would like to learn more about the UNMET Needs Campaign, visit www.woodgreen.org/unmet.

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