WoodGreen is one of the most experienced supportive housing providers in Toronto with deep ties to the East End. We care about this community. We own or operate 20 housing facilities in Toronto. We know the importance of connecting with our neighbours wherever we go. We are excited to bring our full range of services, expertise, and the benefit of our close partnerships and deep connections across East Toronto, to support the health, housing stability and inclusion of the seniors who call 540 Cedarvale Ave. home.


Our staff are welcoming tenants and looking forward to building a strong community. WoodGreen is committed to active outreach. Over the past few months, our dedicated team organized several community engagement activities with the intent to get to know existing neighbours and introduce WoodGreen. These activities included meeting with various individuals, community groups and organizations that may have an interest in the facility, door-knocking in the neighbourhood, distributing flyers, regularly updating the dedicated webpage, school presentations, hosting an open house and forming an Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee.


As a resident of the Cedarvale-Trenton area, you may wish to consult WoodGreen’s 540 Cedarvale Community Decision Tree if you are not sure where to direct your queries.


For additional information about 540 Cedarvale Ave., please visit the housing webpage and read the Frequently Asked Questions. You can also write to us at  [email protected].


More information on WoodGreen’s community engagement activities regarding 540 Cedarvale Ave. can be found using the various links provided below.


Community Engagement Activity Updates:


Community Engagement Activities Infographic: Ever since WoodGreen was selected as the operator of the 540 Cedarvale Ave. facility, WoodGreen launched a community engagement plan to ensure we were reaching out to the neighbours and community organizations to understand their views and hear their concerns. Have a look at our infographic for a snapshot of these outreach efforts.


The Cedarvale House, in collaboration with our Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee hosted a community BBQ on September 27 to help further foster a sense of belonging. View our Blog for insights into this successful event here.


Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee: Huge thank you to everyone that expressed interest to join our new advisory committee dedicated to 540 Cedarvale Avenue! The complete list of membership will be shared online soon. You can view the list of members here.


Open House: Thank you to the nearly 300 people that attended the event on November 19, 2022, and to everyone that helped extend a warm welcome. View our blog post about the event here. View the recap video here. View our blog post about the gift baskets that community members generously made for future tenants here.


The East Toronto Health Partners (ETHP) issued a statement of support for the 540 Cedarvale project. You can view their statement here.


The City of Toronto’s community update published on September 14, 2022. You can view their community update here.


The Beach Metro Community News published an article on 540 Cedarvale Ave on September 15, 2022. You can view the article here.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How was WoodGreen selected?

    The modular housing was built by the City of Toronto with funding through the Rapid Housing Initiative. As building neared completion, the city put out an RFP and WoodGreen applied. We were selected based on our years of experience both in affordable housing and in supporting the needs of senior populations. WoodGreen is well-known particularly in the east side of Toronto and is a well-connected partner in the community.

  • What type of housing is 540 Cedarvale Ave.?

    540 Cedarvale Ave. is a three-storey modular housing building with 59 self-contained studio apartments. Each apartment has a twin bed, a private eat-in kitchen and bathroom. Common areas include a laundry facility, a kitchen and dining room, program space and administrative offices.

    24/7 supports and staffing are available to help improve residents’ quality of life, support their daily needs, and help them remain housed permanently.

  • Who lives at 540 Cedarvale Ave.?

    The building is designed to support single seniors (59+) experiencing poverty and homelessness or may be precariously housed. This includes individuals, regardless of gender, experiencing chronic or recurrent homelessness, who need permanent affordable housing and moderate supports to achieve and maintain housing stability.

  • When will people move in?

    The building is being filled gradually as of November, 2022.

  • How are tenants being selected for the building?

    Residents are identified and referred through the City of Toronto’s Coordinated Access Process, in partnership with WoodGreen. Coordinated Access is a consistent community-wide approach to assessing, prioritizing, and connecting people experiencing homelessness to housing and supports. The city works with WoodGreen to ensure tenants are connected with supports that best meet their needs to maintain housing stability.

  • Why is this housing needed?

    The City of Toronto is experiencing a housing crisis. Seniors experiencing poverty are vulnerable to homelessness, and can face additional challenges as a result of aging. The supportive housing at 540 Cedarvale Ave. provides essential and deeply affordable housing to a group of seniors.

    Providing supportive homes is a proven and dignified response to homelessness. Making permanent, affordable rental housing available with built-in support services helps relieve pressure on the shelter system, emergency departments, and long-term care.

  • What supports are available to tenants?

    WoodGreen employs a highly trained and qualified team of professionals to support the residents of our housing programs. Because 540 Cedarvale Ave. specializes in single seniors (59+) exiting homelessness or with insecure housing, tenants will have on-site access to a full-time, professional care team. When someone has a need that is not currently covered by WoodGreen’s existing services, WoodGreen has connections to other agencies (such as medical professionals or mental health specialists).

    Each person is unique, and therefore the supports given to them will vary. We offer a wide range of supports, including:

    • Daily meals (prepared by the on-site chef and sous-chef)
    • Wellness checks
    • Regular, structured, and supervised recreational activities in the community
    • Unit maintenance and cleanliness (such as hoarding prevention)
    • Setting goals for abstinence or harm reduction
    • Developing and/or leading groups (such as grief, trauma, seeking safety, or restorative justice)
    • Personal Support Worker (PSW) care
    • One-on-one counselling
    • Budgeting and financial goals
    • Education or livelihood opportunities
    • Safety plans
    • Religious or cultural needs
    • Fall prevention
    • Eviction prevention
    • Support with personal paperwork (such as obtaining a health card)
  • What about neighbourhood safety?

    We do not anticipate any increased public safety issues in the neighbourhood as a result of tenancy at this building. We are coordinating with Toronto Police Services 55 Division to make sure we are sharing information regularly, planning together, and responding to any needs or concerns that may arise in the community.


    WoodGreen is committed to ensuring community concerns are addressed. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]. You can also contact 311 for general concerns.

  • Have there been any additional neighborhood improvements made by the City as a result of community input and consultations?

    As part of engaging with the community on the 540 Cedarvale Ave facility, community members made several recommendations to improve the Stan Wadlow Park and the surrounding neighborhood.

    The following improvements were made:

    • Lighting improvements in Stan Wadlow Park: In 2021, new LED bulbs were installed around the wading pool, and two new lights were added around the dogs’ off-leash area. On February 17, 2022, City Council approved the 2022 City Budget, including allocating $93,000 to the Stan Wadlow Park Lighting in the Parks Project. Lighting improvements were completed at the skate board park, as well as the clubhouse and to the rear of the building near the children’s playground. Five new lighting poles on the walkway to the dogs’ off-leash area were installed in August 2022, which will also improve lighting at the Kiwanis outdoor pool.
    • Sight Line Improvements to the Stan Wadlow Skate Park: Visibility improvements have been completed in and around the skate park by trimming the tree canopy and managing horticulture at the top of the stairs.
    • New Pedestrian Crossing (PXO): Construction of a pedestrian crossing where vehicles will be required to yield to pedestrians has taken place at the intersection of Cosburn/Gledhill. This is marked by signs and pavement markings.
    • Additional Parking in the area: To replace the parking spaces at the Trenton/Cedarvale lot, the City has secured 62 replacement parking spots, including:
      • 33 at Parkside Elementary School, available evenings, weekends, and non-school days for users of Stan Wadlow park;
      • 15 on Ventnor and Cedarvale Avenues, through changes to on-street parking; and
      • 14 at the Taylor Creek parking lot through additional paving and repainting.

    The City will also undertake minor road works to the east side of Haldon Ave. to extend the current on-street parking further down towards Taylor Creek lot. This will add 9 more spaces. City staff and the Councillors office are also assessing options to add more parking to the west side of Haldon Ave., but paying particular mind to the use of the hill for tobogganing activity.

    Parking on the west side would not be added, if feasible, until 2024 as part of other road improvements planned for Haldon Ave.

    Other improvements to Stan Wadlow Park and the surrounding area are in progress. Improvements will be made to the children’s playground with a new rubberized surface, to be completed in 2023. Working with Hydro One, the City is exploring the addition of eight on-street parking spaces on the east side of Haldon Avenue near Taylor Creek Parking lot, anticipated to be completed by the end of 2022.

  • How can I be involved?

    WoodGreen welcomes community members to participate in volunteer opportunities available through various programs. Please contact WoodGreen at [email protected] to express your interest in volunteering opportunities at 540 Cedarvale Ave or other programs.