Quick facts

Service type: Financial Empowerment
Eligibility: Toronto families (parents and caregivers) with at least one child under age 18 in their care, and who are living on a lower income. Families must be motivated to set up a financial plan and able to engage in multiple sessions (approximately six) over a three-month period, both independently and with counsellor support. Scheduling is flexible.
Delivery: In-person and/or by phone
Fee: Free
Program dates: This program runs on a cohort basis, with registration open year-round. Clients commit to engaging in multiple financial counselling sessions over a three-month period.

Program description

The Scotiabank Family Finance Clinic is a free three-month financial empowerment program for families. Access one-on-one support from a financial Social Worker to create and achieve realistic financial goals and build strong money management skills.


Who is not eligible:

This program is not suitable for those experiencing an immediate financial or housing crisis. For assistance, please contact our Financial Empowerment Counselling service at (416) 645-6000 ext. 1330 or email [email protected].


Participating families can expect to:

  • Create a Family Financial Plan with short- and long-term goals
  • Get a financial benefit screening
  • Increase financial literacy and confidence
  • Receive individualized financial counselling to improve money management skills and behaviours


This program can help families achieve financial goals, including:

  • Increasing your income and reducing expenses
  • Creating and tracking a realistic budget
  • Accessing and understanding your free credit score
  • Managing debt repayment
  • Arranging a regular savings plan
  • Accessing savings for your children’s education

Program testimonials



“I feel more informed about how I'm spending my money, how money is flowing through, and how I can build towards my future. I have a pathway with all of this information, finding out about benefits that are going to give me and my family access to so much more support.”

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Contact information

Narmisha Vinayagamoorthy

Financial Empowerment Social Worker

(416) 405-5042


815 Danforth Ave.
Toronto, ON
M4J 1L2




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