Quick facts

Service type: Housing & Homelessness
Eligibility: Single occupants
Location: 570 Coxwell Ave. , Toronto, ON
Delivery: In person

Program description

570 Coxwell Ave. has a total of 11 bachelor units for single occupants. This site is 100 per cent Rent-Geared-to-Income and offers independent living units. Residents have access to a part-time housing worker for tenancy supports.

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Please fill out the WoodGreen Housing Application form below.


Applications must be accompanied by proof of status in Canada (i.e., birth certificate, Canadian passport, Permanent Resident card, Refugee Claimant form).


Need help?

For any information or support on how to participate, or how filling out the application, please contact us.

Contact information

Housing & Homelessness Services

(416) 469-4455


570 Coxwell Ave.
Toronto, ON
M4J 1L2


Housing worker on-site approximately one day a week


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