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16 November 2022

Looking for a job in Toronto? WoodGreen can help your search

Celine Hong, Outreach Coordinator, Workforce Development

Searching for a job in Toronto isn't easy and sometimes it's nice to have a little help. Maybe it's getting assistance with polishing that resume or cover letter? Or just knowing where to search when looking for employment. Or perhaps you've got an interview coming up that you're really nervous about. WoodGreen is here to help and support you!

Did you know that WoodGreen’s Employment Services’ Team has been able to assist more than 4,000 people in Toronto with their job search?

More than 70 per cent of those looking for a job have already found employment. Another 12 per cent have started retraining for new careers.
A man stands and speaks with two women seated at a table at a job search centre.

Job search support at open house

Whether you are a newcomer to Canada, an ambitious job seeker, an employer or fellow community service provider, WoodGreen is hosting open houses year-round across the GTA to offer free employment services for those with interest in:

      • Getting help and support with their job search
      • Job development/matching and professional development opportunities for eligible job seekers looking to upgrade their skills and work toward long-term career goals.
      • Resume building, cover letter writing and interview preparation
      • Securing long-term employment
      • Connecting with employment advisors one-on-one to work towards long-term career goals

On-the-spot assistance

In just one week in October we welcomed more than 115 visitors to five open houses. An incredible turnout after a challenging two years of facing the COVID-19 pandemic and restriction to in-person services and events.

What makes these open houses stand out is that participants receive on-the-spot employment assistance and support from WoodGreen’s Employment Services’ Team located at five different sites:


a group of people gather around a table full of brochures at a job search site

From obtaining free resume critiques, to providing information on WoodGreen’s programs and services, participating in site tours to entering in prize giveaways, you won’t want to miss out on the next upcoming open houses during the month of December!

WoodGreen is ready to help you plan the next steps of your employment journey.


For more information about our employment services and programs, visit our page or contact us at (416)-405-5254 or [email protected].

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