Together, we can meet Toronto’s unmet needs.

Toronto is the capital of wealth inequality in Canada. Since the pandemic emerged, the gap between rich and poor has only intensified, resulting in greater health and economic hardships for those already struggling.

As one of the largest social service agencies in Toronto, WoodGreen works with communities and policymakers to deliver life-changing impacts and create new opportunities to thrive. We serve 37,000 people each year through innovative programs designed to reduce poverty and improve health and wellbeing. None of this work would be possible without a strong network of supporters who champion the needs of the most vulnerable. Through your generous donations, you can drive real and lasting change on the most important issues facing our city.


Areas of Priority

Employment & Financial Empowerment

Give jobseekers the skills or training needed to obtain meaningful work

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Homeward Bound

Double housing, child care, training and education for women and children fleeing abuse

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Housing & Homeless Support

Triple affordable housing for frontline workers and vulnerable and marginalized populations

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Mental Health Services

Free counselling, case management and group support services

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Urgent Unmet Needs

Respond to priority issues in our community and make an immediate impact

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Newcomer & Settlement Services

Expand settlement services for newcomers and enhance skills training

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Senior & Community Care

Address seniors’ care to enable seniors to live safely in the community

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Youth Wellness Centre

Empower youth through education, skills training, mental health and wellness programs

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Expanding our reach and impact through targeted investment in technology

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UNMET Campaign

The WoodGreen Foundation has launched a campaign to raise $25 million to meet the unmet needs in Toronto.

Latest News and Updates

WoodGreen to open new Aquabella child care centre in East Bayfront community

WoodGreen has been selected by the City of Toronto to be the third-party operator of the new Aquabella child care centre opening in Spring 2023


Experienced parents guide others raising children with developmental disabilities

Parents of children with developmental disabilities get a mentor, a guide and a friend through WoodGreen's Parent Outreach Program.


Meet some of the social workers who work at WoodGreen

Here at WoodGreen, a number of our staff use their education, skills, and experience in social work to support our clients of all ages who are facing a variety of challenges. This week, we will introduce you to some of them.