How to help with Urgent Needs?

An effective way to support WoodGreen is to target your donation to the area of greatest need. By providing an unrestricted gift, you empower the organization and its experienced leaders to direct funds to priority issues and make an immediate impact. These donations give WoodGreen the flexibility to respond to unanticipated and emerging social issues, support critical operating needs and seize time-sensitive opportunities to better serve our community.

The challenge

As the restrictions of COVID-19 are eased, there is a dawning realization of the magnitude of the unprecedented divergence of wealth and equality in our city. WoodGreen has been a front-line witness to this growing wealth gap and understands the need for immediate intervention and preventative programs to keep populations stabilized.

The effects of the pandemic have been beyond cruel. It has caused increases in: Homelessness, Domestic violence, Depression and anxiety, Racism and hate crimes, Youth unemployment, Financial insecurity and insolvency, Food bank usage, Isolation and loneliness of seniors.

So many are struggling with urgent needs that are not being MET. Let us meet the URGENT UNMET needs.