The challenge

Immigrants and refugees encounter a multitude of challenges upon arriving in Canada, from finding affordable housing and stable employment to accessing health care and government support. Navigating the complexities of the settlement process can take a toll on the health and wellbeing of newcomers, as many are confronted with language barriers, racism and unrecognized foreign credentials that prevent them from securing meaningful work. Those without family or a social network to ease the transition risk falling into poverty.


How WoodGreen helps

WoodGreen is committed to supporting newcomers as they establish their lives in Toronto. Each year, we connect thousands of families and individuals with a suite of integrated, wrap-around services that facilitate the settlement process.

Through housing assistance, employment counselling, language training, and support in accessing health care and government services, we help newcomers move toward financial stability and build connections in their communities. As Canada prepares to welcome record numbers of newcomers between 2022 and 2024, this work is increasingly vital.