Volunteer Testimonials

Scarleth Sandino

Income Tax Clinic Admin Assistant Volunteer

"Volunteering is the best way to help individuals in their community! WoodGreen provides opportunities to those in need, helps them overcome their challenges and as a result, increases our community quality of life. For me, volunteering has improved my confidence. I love to help and serve people--the personal satisfaction is immeasurable--and now I feel ready to start looking for a job.”

Ronald Osei

Community Connections Career Mentor Volunteer

“I joined WoodGreen as a volunteer because I enjoy giving back, and WoodGreen offers a variety of services that impact others positively. Plus, I love the support WoodGreen provides to its volunteers. The most valuable aspect of my volunteer role is seeing my mentee develop and thrive. because it made me grateful for the opportunities I have been provided in life.”

Zomaria Karina Florencio

Community Connections Mentor and NCIP Spanish Translator Volunteer

"I personally enjoy helping others, especially when it comes to career growth and development. The most valuable aspect of my volunteer work with WoodGreen has been advising newcomers on what they need to know about the Canadian Labor Market. This in turn has given me a major takeaway by helping to improve my coaching skills.”

Pascale Pwint Phyu Win

Youth Wellness Center-Tutor and Meals on Wheels program Driver Volunteer

"After working full time for more than 30 years, I was ready to give back, and wanted an organization that worked close to home. What I like most about my role as a volunteer is expanding my network by meeting all kinds of volunteers and making sure our clients get a nourishing meal at least once a day. Plus, I got to know my neighborhood better!"

Jonathan Steele

Community Connections Career Mentor and SALC Grant Review Committee Volunteer

"I joined WoodGreen as a volunteer and career mentor because it offered me the opportunity to contribute back to my community and do so in a way that was tailored to my experience. There are lots of opportunities in Toronto, and I know how to help newcomer professionals get those doors open and how to communicate their value. I believe helping to enrich the lives of new Canadians will ultimately help Canada to thrive with the brilliant talent attracted to our home."

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