Message to all UNMET Gala supporters

The May 4th UNMET Gala was an incredible success, raising over $1.5 million in support of the UNMET Needs Campaign.


Thank you to the Gala Committee, event sponsors and attendees for making this event possible. We are truly grateful for your hard work and generosity, and helping us shine a spotlight on the social services sector and the UNMET needs in our city.

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Published May 27th 2023

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Published May 5th 2023

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Published May 8th 2023

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More than ever, Toronto needs our help.

More than ever, WoodGreen needs yours.

Toronto’s unmet needs have never been greater. Every day, WoodGreen Community Services is on the frontlines, working to create positive social change in our city. Join us and help ensure the UNMET needs in Toronto are MET.

Give a gift that has the power to create a more equitable city where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.