Set Up a Supporter or Birthday Fundraiser on Facebook


To create a supporter fundraiser for WoodGreen, click here.



You may see suggestions to create a birthday fundraiser in your Facebook Feed when your birthday is around the corner. To select WoodGreen as the beneficiary of your fundraiser, type “The WoodGreen Foundation” into the search bar.



Or follow these steps:



1. Click ”Fundraisers” in the left menu of your News Feed.

    • Tip: If you don’t see “Fundraisers” on the left, then click “See more.”


2. Click “Select Nonprofit.”


3. Search for “The WoodGreen Foundation” and select us as the beneficiary of your fundraiser.


4. Fill in the fundraiser details, such as the title of your fundraiser, how much you want to raise, the currency for donations, when the fundraiser will end, , why you have chosen WoodGreen, and a cover photo that represents the cause.


5. Click “Create.”


Now that you have created your fundraiser, you can invite friends to donate, share your fundraiser in your Feed, or donate to the fundraiser yourself.

Facebook Fundraising Q&A

  • Are there fees for donations made on Facebook?

    Facebook covers all fees for donations made to charitable organizations, so 100% of the donations you collect will go to WoodGreen!

  • How does WoodGreen receive the funds?

    We will receive the funds 15–45 days after donations are made on Facebook through PayPal Giving Fund Canada.

  • Will my friend’s donation be seen by their friends on Facebook?

    Donations will only be seen by their friends if they choose to share it (but the donation amount won’t be shared).

  • Why will I receive a tax receipt from PayPal Giving Fund and not from Facebook or WoodGreen?

    In Canada, donations raised through Facebook fundraisers also involve PayPal Giving Fund, which receives the donations from Facebook, provides receipts to donors and grants the funds to the charity.


    Like Facebook, PayPal Giving Fund waives the fees for donations made to nonprofits, so WoodGreen will receive 100% of the funds raised!

  • How can I achieve my fundraising goal?

    While Facebook will promote your fundraiser, it is always a great idea to invite your friends and family to the fundraiser, share it more than once on your Facebook Feed and Facebook Story, and promote it on your Instagram Story too! If you are having a party, include the fundraiser on the invitation, or email your family and friends to let them know that you would love them to support your fundraiser in place of gifts.

  • Does Facebook Fundraiser accept US dollars?

    If a fundraiser were created to receive donations in Canadian dollars, the donate button might be grey for donors who are living outside of Canada. To make a donation to WoodGreen on Facebook, you can try to change the currency to Canadian dollars from your payment settings. You can find more detailed instructions HERE.


    Note: You can only change your preferred currency once every 72 hours.