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Every so often WoodGreen’s Rites of Passage team takes a group of youth from Toronto, Canada on an immersive experience to Africa. This fall, 15 youth of Afrikan descent will be visiting Tanzania! The two-week trip will be spent engaging with the Masai community exploring their historical journey, cultural practices, sacred relationship with their land and visiting historical Landmarks. With the 2015-2024 International Decade for People of African Descent coming to an end, the trip is timely.


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What is Rites of Passage?

Fifteen years ago, WoodGreen Community Services embraced the Rites of Passage process as a means of addressing some of the challenges young people of Afrikan descent continue to face around their race and identity.


A “rite of passage” is a process of maturation and personal development practiced in many Indigenous cultures. The Akan of West Africa believe that the transition from adolescence to adulthood is a critical moment to reflect on questions that inspire greater self-awareness and connection to one’s community, such as:


  • Who am I?
  • How did I come to be who I am?
  • Am I really who I think I am?
  • What is my life purpose?


This journey will provide an additional set of lenses through which youth experience life as young people of African descent, in addition, the journey will offer opportunities for youth to acquire and enhance their ability to accurately document and retell their own history and current-day stories.

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