About the Project

In 2021, WoodGreen Community Services completed the first phase of a groundbreaking $3 million project to make its social housing buildings in Toronto more energy and water efficient. This initiative is the first in Canada to earn the prestigious Investor Ready Energy Efficiency (IREE) certification.


WoodGreen partnered with Efficiency Capital, alongside engineering firms Finn Projects and SensorSuite Inc., to develop and implement this unique model. The project was funded through various sources including Efficiency Capital/The Atmospheric Fund, City of Toronto’s Better Building Partnerships loans, and WoodGreen’s reserves.


Project helps to improve buildings and fight climate change


The project holds numerous benefits for WoodGreen, its residents, and the environment. By upgrading essential infrastructure such as boilers and chillers, the organization has improved air quality, comfort, and the buildings’ overall value. Additionally, within its first year, WoodGreen reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 450 tonnes, which is 180 per cent of what the team had hoped to achieve.


The project also saves WoodGreen hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in utility costs. In just the first year with the new equipment, WoodGreen has saved more than $200,000. These savings will be used to repay the loans associated with the upgrades. Over the next few decades, the retrofits are expected to generate even more substantial savings and free up funds for further improvements without increasing operational costs or affecting client services.


In 2023, the project received the Innovation Award from the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association, showcasing its positive impact and potential for replication in other communities.

Project Impact


in savings in 2 years of the project


more savings than expected for the first 2 years of the project

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