Why WoodGreen needs your support?

The $25M UnMET Needs Campaign aims to provide the much-needed funds for WoodGreen to support ongoing and new programs and strives to meet the UnMet needs of the community we serve.


  • UNSEEN – Provide seniors affordable housing and community care supports.
  • UNSUPPORTED – Empower youth with education, skills training, and mental health and wellness programs.
  • UNHOUSED – Provide affordable housing for at-risk youth and marginalized populations.
  • UNSAFE – Provide housing, childcare, training and education for women and children fleeing abuse.
  • UNWELCOME – Expand settlement services for newcomers and enhance skills training.
  • UNEMPLOYED – Address training and employment needs for individuals who are unemployed or under-employed.
  • URGENT UNMET – Alleviate immediate food and financial insecurity.


We need Change Makers to lead the way. Change Makers who can inspire the kind of change needed to address the challenges our city is facing. Change Makers who understand that if we don’t take bold and decisive action now, we are going to further marginalize thousands of people to a life of desperation and endless poverty.


Together we are front line workers, leaders, innovators and CHANGE MAKERS!


Reid Irwin

Monthly Giving Donor

Like many, when I was first introduced to WoodGreen, I wasn't aware of the vast number of programs that this organization offered to those in need across the city of Toronto. Over the years, it has been amazing to discover the effective and thoughtful services offered through WoodGreen and the incredible teams behind them all. There are so many people who need support and WoodGreen stands out in the city as an organization endeavoring to support them all. Everyone's schedules fill up so quickly and it is easy to forget charitable giving. The monthly giving platform enables my continued and consistent support to this important organization

Brian Martin

Annual Giving Donor

I have always supported other charities, but Homeward has always been my single largest donation. For me, it’s the complete comprehensive set of supports that Homeward Bound offers that attracts me to donate. I’ve never heard of another program that is so fully encompassing and I believe that my donations to WoodGreen helps give the single mothers, the very best chance at future success. And that impacting those mothers and their families will have compounding effects for generations to come.

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