Get ready for your first day

We know starting a new job is exciting but can be stressful. Our priority is to make you feel welcome and to set you up for success.

Checklist for your first day

1. Where to go


If your first day is scheduled on a Monday (or a Tuesday following a long weekend), then please come to our offices at 815 Danforth Ave (First Floor boardroom) for 9:30am, where the People & Culture and IT teams will be there to welcome you. Here’s an outline of what to expect:


• Get your photo taken for your ID badge.
• Fill out payroll documentation.
• Get set up with your IT equipment and logins.


*If your start date is not a Monday (or a Tuesday following a long weekend)*, then please contact your Hiring Manager about your first day schedule.



2. What to bring


  • Social Insurance Number (SIN) card or copy of official SIN documentation. We require the official documentation in order to verify and confirm your number and legal name. If your SIN starts with a 9, you must also bring a copy of your work permit.


  • Void Cheque or Direct Deposit Authorization form issued by your financial institution. This is to ensure that you get paid correctly and on time.


  • Emergency Contact information details. Your safety at work is a priority. We need to know who to contact in case of an emergency.


  • Your awesome self!!



3. What to wear


You will find that we are pretty casual at WoodGreen when it comes to dress code. We want people to bring their true selves to work. This means dressing like you. We want our staff to dress professionally and respectfully while also incorporating their personality. We expect that staff will dress appropriately considering various situations and circumstances. For example, if you have an important meeting with external partners, it may be appropriate to dress more business than casual.


Certain positions also require appropriate footwear for Health & Safety purposes. Please review our Footwear Policy to understand the requirements for your position.


Staff and visitors are asked to refrain from using scented products when reporting to any of our offices. Read the Scent-Awareness Workplace Policy for more information.

Be Prepared


  • Learn more about WoodGreen
  • You received our Code of Conduct Policy with your Offer Letter. It is important to read through this policy thoroughly to understand the expectations while working at WoodGreen.

Need Help?

Reach out to your People & Culture contacts with any questions.

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