2IC (second in command) Admin assistant

Toronto, GTA

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Responsibilities: • Conduct morning huddle -make sure everyone is on time. • Confirm that all team members are clocked-in • Place DFYR signage where visible • Make sure everyone is in clean and rip free uniform - DFYR branded t-shirts/hoodies and dark work pants (no track pants) • Make sure everyone has PPE: Safety boots, hard hats, gloves, dust mask, safety glasses, ear plugs • Review Scope of Work in Service Fusion • Review tools in the toolbox, make sure you have the right tools for the scope of work. Make sure all tools are in working order and are charging. • Make sure Disposal Bin is on site or on its way. • Make sure each room that has been demolished is left the DFYR clean and all nails are GONE. • Make sure team is on schedule as per budgeted time (SMART Goals)



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