This International Women’s Day, help single mothers experiencing homelessness to have brighter futures.

Imagine you and your children have fled domestic abuse and are living in a shelter. You are scared, feel alone, and have no hope for your future. This is the case tonight, and every night in Toronto, for 1,000 single mothers and their children.


You can help change the lives of these mothers and children. By supporting WoodGreen’s award-winning Homeward Bound program, you can assist the mothers on their journies to financial success and independence.


Together, we can help these women and their children reach their full potential.

Homeward Bound changes lives


Homeward Bound is a one-of-a-kind-in-Canada, transformational program that provides single mothers with housing and access to a college education to help them achieve self-sufficiency and promising careers.


Your generous gift will help provide participants with the support and tools they need to succeed, including:


  • academic upgrading for entrance to college
  • a fully funded two-year college education in an in-demand field
  • an affordable furnished apartment
  • mental health support
  • child care and after school programs for their children
  • job search support and networking opportunities