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09 May 2022

Updated COVID-19 Report Details Further Lessons and Impacts of Pandemic

Juan Luis Garrido

This COVID-19 Report Part 2 searched for the true story of how WoodGreen tackled the subsequent waves of the virus. The data shows how lessons learned and community networks built during the first wave allowed for quick and effective dissemination of information, support, and vaccines.


The moment vaccines were ready for dissemination, getting as many doses to as many people as possible was a number one priority for WoodGreen. Starting with vulnerable clients (like seniors and newcomers) and vulnerable staff (like PSWs), we were able to help safely vaccinate and protect thousands of Torontonians against COVID-19.


Starting in late 2020 up until early 2022, the province was constantly shifting its recommendations and guidelines for how we should be operating. This lead to varying mixes of lockdowns, re-openings, restrictions, and partial re-openings. Keeping the organization in tune with these dynamics was key to WoodGreen’s pandemic response plans.

Complex Impacts

As the pandemic lengthened, its impacts became more long-term and complex. Clients still continued to face emergency situations, but now also battled longer social and economic effects of living through a multi-year pandemic. WoodGreen’s support needed to be holistic more now so than ever, resulting in referrals and case management becoming top tools.

Read the full COVID-19 Report—Part Two for full details.

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