Childcare Assistant (After 4PM)

Registration is required
2-5 hours, each day of the week at both locations
18 years or older
251 Cosburn Ave and 1430 Gerrard

About the position


  • assist staff in accompany pickups
  • play with children during free time / activities
  • sitting with children during meal times


What you brings to the team

  • have experience working with children is a must
  • 18 years or older
  • optional but preferred would be folks who have experience working in a classroom, camp, or with children with high needs


Shift hours

  • Weekdays flexible scheduling afternoon
  • 2-5 hours, each day of the week at both locations



  • One day or less in a week afternoon



  • training with supervisor of neighborhood programs

Ready to participate?

Apply now and join us to make the difference in our community.


Need help?

Volunteer Office

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815 Danforth Ave. , Suite 300
Toronto, ON
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Monday to Friday

9AM – 5PM