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18 February 2022

Volunteer of The Month: This corporate volunteer uses her tech skills to make a difference

Susan Fuehr, Communications Consultant

Communication and connection are at the heart of what Madeleine Brazill does and who she is. And it’s ultimately what drew her to WoodGreen as a corporate volunteer.

Madeleine felt strongly that if she was going to share her skills as a technology adoption expert with an organization, it needed to be one with core values that align with her own. This meant a focus on self-sufficiency, integration and empowerment were essential. She says she has found that at WoodGreen.

"Whenever I volunteer with WoodGreen, I feel like a valued contributor to the organization’s vision, and it’s because of their incredible staff," says Madeleine who works as a Team Leader with Long View Systems in Toronto.

She specializes in technology adoption with the goal of helping organizations integrate new technology and improve communication and connection. Her ability to leverage those skills proved invaluable to WoodGreen during the pandemic. She guided WoodGreen team members and clients through technology that has allowed them to safely and effectively improve collaboration and communication.

corporate volunteer Madeleine Brazill

Madeleine says she feels strongly about the work WoodGreen does and the clients it serves. It’s why she has brought her company, Long View Systems, into the fold and now assists in its holiday giving initiative of providing learning kits to newcomers.

Madeleine says her experience of volunteering at WoodGreen has fundamentally changed her connection to the city of Toronto and the people in it.

“[It] helped me to understand the importance of balancing my work and giving back to the community.”

Thank you Madeleine for being a volunteer and sharing your time and talents with us!

Want to make a difference in your community as a corporate volunteer? Here's how you can get involved.

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