At WoodGreen, we “create opportunities for everyone to thrive”

Our team is united under this vision and are blazing trails in the development of innovative solutions to critical social needs to enhance self-sufficiency, promote well-being, reduce poverty and improve the lives of vulnerable people in our community. Our staff is composed of some of the most dedicated and knowledgeable minds in community service development and delivery, policy and social innovation.

We take pride in the impact our employees make and, in turn, continue to cultivate an environment in which they can thrive in their daily work and achieve their career and professional goals.

Meaningful Work: At WoodGreen, the work we do is impactful. We provide opportunities that have real impact on the lives of individuals and help increase the health and well-being of our community.

Great People: Life at WoodGreen centers around our culture. Our values connect and inspire us. Our behaviors build trusted relationships with our clients and stakeholders. And the experiences we deliver make a real difference.

Our values: At WoodGreen, our values guide all of our actions. Together we continually strive to understand how these values should determine our behavior and strengthen us as we pursue our vision and mission.

RESPECT We value every individual
EXCELLENCE We strive for excellence in all we do
COMPASSION We care for and support each other
INTEGRITY We act ethically
TEAMWORK We work together to achieve our goals

Learning and Development Opportunities

At WoodGreen, we value and support the learning and development of our staff. To this end, we provide our staff with the learning opportunities they need to be successful in their roles now and in the future.

As part of our strategic direction of being a High Performance Organization, WoodGreen supports staff by providing high quality development opportunities from our own subject matter experts as well as by bringing in leaders in the field to share their experiences and expertise.

Our flagship training program, WoodGreen College, currently offers training to eligible staff on a range of core skills including: leadership awareness, presentation skills, recruitment and selection, finance, strategy and planning, project management, managing performance, communication and labour relations.

We also view training as an opportunity for staff to engage with each other and to share learnings in a practical and real work context.


At WoodGreen we care about the well-being of our employees. We offer competitive salaries and excellent benefit packages for our full-time, long-term contract, and PSW staff as well as other beneficial resources including an Employee Assistance Program and access to group discount programs and purchases.

Recognition Programs

At WoodGreen we understand the value that our employees bring to the organization. Great service is only possible to achieve with great people. We have integrated several formal and informal programs into our daily operation to recognize the contributions of our staff toward the achievement of our strategic priorities and excellence in client service. From acknowledging service milestones to our individual and team President’s Awards, we want our staff to know how much they mean to us.

These awards, recognitions, and achievements are presented regularly throughout the year through internal communications as well as through several staff appreciation programs and events.

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