Sharpen your job search skills

It seems like there are more and more hoops to jump through just to get a job these days.​ Between all the job sites, resume rules, and rewriting cover letters, it’s hard not to get crushed by the process.​

Meet with a job coach


Sharpen your job search skills

It seems like there are more and more hoops to jump through just to get a job these days.​ Between all the job sites, resume rules, and rewriting cover letters, it’s hard not to get crushed by the process.​

Meet with a job coach

Avoid getting lost in the process.

Work with a WoodGreen job search coach today.

Drawing on personal experience, the WoodGreen team will coach you on what works and what to avoid. We’ll help you make sense of the job market and search process.

Meet with a Job Coach

Learn how your WoodGreen coach can beef up your job search skills and get you moving ahead faster. ​


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How to build your job search skills

Looking for a job is a fulltime job. When you don’t have the search skills to make sense of the process, it’s 10X harder. We can guide you through the search process, help you identify your goals and ensure you are focusing your efforts effectively:

Define your career goals.

Defining your career goals helps you map out your employment journey starting with where you are currently and where you would like to be in the short or long term.

Prepare for the job search process and find the right fit for you.

Planning and preparation is a necessary requirement when you are in the job search process. As part of your first steps, you should identify the types of companies you would like to work with, research the companies, find out what their culture and values are and ensure these values are shared. This helps to streamline your activities, so you are spending time and resources only on companies that interest you.

Have many irons in the fire.

During your job search, ensure you are using more than one job search site. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket: keep your options open to gain access to wider opportunities. Also, when it comes to roles that look like a good fit, apply even if you're not a perfect fit, and don’t meet all the requirements.

Customize your resume to shine brighter than the rest.

Resume flexibility is important. Employers can easily spot a generic resume. For a strategic and successful job search process it’s important that you review your resume constantly and ensure you are updating and customizing it to align with each role you apply for. When you customize your resume to each job opening and highlight your value proposition, you will stand out from other applicants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our frequently asked questions to learn more about what to expect as you start your job search and work with WoodGreen.

  • Is networking important to finding a job?

    Building an extensive network is important when looking for a job.
    Your network includes friends, family, professional colleagues, acquaintances who you may be able to provide leads, refer you or make recommendations on available job openings.


    Having a larger network increases your visibility and can expose you to more varied opportunities.


  • What is the ‘hidden job market’?

    It is important for job seekers to know that not all job openings get posted publicly. Employers sometimes seek to fill a job opening internally within the company, through referrals from friends and family or through recruiters. This is called the hidden job market.


    Our team can provide you with tips and strategies for tapping into this hidden market.


  • Should I have a LinkedIn profile?

    It’s important to harness the power of social media for your job search.


    Platforms like LinkedIn help you:

    • Stay informed of news and trends
    • Monitor and participate in conversations in real-time
    • Join industry-specific groups
    • Follow experts
    • Search & follow hashtags
    • Showcase your learning
    • Add status badges to your profile. For example, an “Open to work” badge that lets employers know you are looking for job opportunities.


  • How should I dress for a virtual video interview?

    First impressions matter!


    You should dress professionally for your video interview—the same way you would for an in-person interview. Research the company culture before your interview so you have a good idea of what’s appropriate.


    One tip is to dress a notch above what you would wear to work in that role.


    To look your best on camera, avoid bright colours and patterns and opt for softer colours instead. If you are wearing a tie, wear a solid colour rather than a patterned one.


    While it’s likely that the interviewer will only see your upper half, it’s still a good idea to wear professional pants or a skirt in case you need to stand up for any reason.


  • How can I stand out from other job applicants?

    • Do your research on the company, the industry and the role. This will help you ask and answer questions confidently


    • Communicate your value proposition: what you do, why you do it, and how you do it differently. Explain what makes you a great candidate and demonstrate why they should pay attention to you for this role.


    • Some statements/questions to consider with your specific job in mind include:
      • I am really good at…
      • Something that I’m going to bring to this job that will make an immediate impact is…
      • If a recruiter spends 20 seconds reviewing my resume, what do they need to notice about me right away?


    • Be proactive – follow up with a potential employer
      • Ask about the next steps and the timeline during your interview!
      • Forgot to ask? Address the next steps in your Thank You email (sent within 24 hours of your interview)


    • Communicate evidence in the form of workplace stories to support the presence of unique strengths