Housing Support Service

Housing Workers provide a broad range of supports and assistance to participants within the Portable Pilot Project. This assistance consists of but is not limited to help with housing searches, negotiating and advocacy with prospective landlords in explaining the program and the associated rent supplement to them, referrals to community and medical supports, advocacy regarding landlord and tenant issues, assistance with moving and storage, life skills training and advocacy with income support.

Housing Workers also provide follow-up and case management support to ensure stabilization, reduce isolation, increase community connectedness and promote landlord and tenant relationships


1070 Queen Street East

Also known as the Jack Layton Seniors Housing, this site offers seniors with independent living units.

1070 Queen
1119 Gerrard East

Also known as Heather Terraces, this location has 29 mixed units for seniors.

1119 Gerrard East
137 Sears

This location offers independent living for single occupants with a total of 17 units.

137 Sears Street
17 Renwick

This location is a mixed unit site for single occupants and families.

17 Renwick Avenue
444 Logan

Also known as the Ray McCleary Towers, this location is a mixed unit site for seniors.

444 Logan Avenue
53 Pape Avenue

This location is a 10 unit, shared living space for frail seniors in need of full-time support.

53 Pape
55 Pape

This location is a mixed unit site for single occupants and families.

55 Pape Avenue
570 Coxwell

This location has 11 bachelor units for single occupants.

570 Coxwell
63 Pape Avenue

10 Unit shared living space for frail seniors in need of full-time support.

63 Pape
650 Queen Street East

This location provides FSTH residents with safe, affordable housing and a wide range of support services.

650 Queen
650 Queen Street East Programming

Provide social and recreational opportunities for community members who may feel isolated.

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841 Queen Street East

This location has 36 mixed units for single occupants.

841 Queen
Homeward Bound Housing

Homeward Bound Housing includes two and three bedroom family units for single mother-led families.

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Housing Emergency Relocation Services

Emergency response, advocacy and housing relocation for individuals and families who have experienced housing emergencies, such as fire, flood, sewage back-up, developer relocation, illegal eviction.

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Housing Help Centre

Our Housing Help Centre provides assistance to individuals and families 16 years of age and older who require assistance with locating and securing, safe and affordable housing.

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ID Replacement Clinic Contact for more information
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Wellesley Central Residence

The Wellesley Central Residences Inc is a mixed unit site with a total of 112 units with bachelor, one-bedroom and two-bedroom layouts. This site is 100 % Rent-Geared-to-Income and is designed to accommodate both seniors in need of moderate supports for daily living and people living with HIV/AIDS. This site also has an 11 unit Transitional Housing program for singles living with HIV/Aids in need of supports on the path to more permanent housing. WoodGreen provides supportive housing services to the senior population while FIFE House supports those living with HIV/AIDS. WoodGreen is also the property manager for all tenants in the entire building.

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