Housing Help Centre

Our Housing Help Centre provides assistance to individuals and families 16 years of age and older who require assistance with locating and securing, safe and affordable housing. Our business hours are from 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday and we accept drop-in and appointments. We provide assistance with new Housing Connections applications (subsidized housing), as well as updating and making changes to existing applications. We also have access the waiting list and can provide assistance with applications and changes.

We create and can provide copies of the weekly OCAP housing list of affordable housing in Toronto and surrounding areas. We can provide assistance and accompaniment with unit viewings and landlord meetings, including support with transportation. Housing Workers also provide follow-up and case management support to ensure stabilization, reduce isolation, increase community connectedness and promote landlord and tenant relationships.

Our Centre also provides assistance and support with eviction notices, landlord tenant issues and applications for income support programs, such as ODSP, OW, CPP.


Housing Help Centre with both drop-in hours and scheduled appointments to assist individuals and families in locating and securing safe and affordable housing.

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