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Homeward Bound Community of Practice

The Homeward Bound Community of Practice is a network of agencies that are each delivering a Homeward Bound program in their local community. Supported by WoodGreen Community Services, the Community of Practice provides pre-implementation supports, program resources, capacity building activities and ongoing ad-hoc support to bolster local adaptations of the Homeward Bound model.

Currently, the Homeward Bound Community of Practice supports four Homeward Bound programs outside of Toronto. Please see below for a list of Homeward Bound Partners.


After 4 Programming

This program enhances the lives of Homeward Bound participants’ children aged 6-12 through recreational programs.

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Child Care

This service connects mothers of children under 4 in the Homeward Bound program to high quality child care.

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Industry Council

The Industry Council supports the successful transition to work of Homeward Bound participants.

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Toronto Homeward Bound

This innovative program helps inadequately housed or homeless mother-led families earn college diplomas and achieve self-sufficiency.

815 Danforth Ave.
Work Initiative Network Program

The Work Initiative Network (WIN) is a part-time structured employment program to help adults with mental health issues find and maintain meaningful employment.

East Toronto (Leslieville)

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