Free Income Tax Clinic

Are you living on a low income and need help filing your income taxes?

The WoodGreen Income Tax Clinic is a Community Volunteer Income Tax Program that provides the following services:

  • Preparation of simple income tax returns
  • Preparation of up to 10 years of back taxes
  • Preparation of T1 adjustments
  • Understanding Notice of Assessment
  • Responding to CRA Letters
  • Interest Relief Applications
  • Other tax related matters

The income eligibility for WoodGreen’s income tax clinic services is:

Family Size Total Family Income
One Person up to $40,000
Two People up to $50.000
Three People up to $52,500
Four People up to $55,000
Five People up to $57,500
Six People up to $60,000
For larger families, add $2,500 for each additional person to determine the limit.

Please note that we are unable to prepare returns for individuals who:

  • Have passed away
  • Filed for bankruptcy in the past year
  • Have self-employment deductions to claim
  • Have rental or business income to report
  • Have capital gains or losses to report
  • Have investment income of more than $1,000 per year

Contact us at 416-645-6000 ext. 1187 or e-mail to book your tax appointment.



1. Social Insurance Number (SIN), and spouse’s SIN if you are married/common-law

If married/common-law, both you AND your spouse MUST attend the appointment if you both plan to file your tax return. We can only file tax returns for people who are not present if you have proof that you have Power of Attorney for the other person.

2. *Your income slips from all your income sources (e.g. T4 slip for employment, T5007 slip for OW or ODSP)

If you do not have these slips, you can call the CRA to request a new copy. The new copies will be sent out by mail within 2 weeks. The CRA can be reached at 1-800-959-8281.

If you rent your residence: you must bring a letter or receipt from your landlord that states

  • Your name
  • The landlord’s name and contact information
  • The address of the place you are renting
  • The number of months you have lived at this address
  • The amount of rent you paid to the landlord during the year

****We cannot claim your rent amount in your tax return without this letter or receipt!****

If you own your own home, you must bring your property tax bill from the City of Toronto (or other municipality).

****We cannot claim your property tax in your tax return without this letter or receipt!****

If you were new to Canada in tax year we are filing:

  • Exact date of arrival in Canada
  • The total amount of money that you earned in 2017 before you arrived in Canada

If you have children in your custody:

  • Names and dates of birth for any children under age 19
  • Receipts for childcare expenses (must include caregiver’s SIN)
  • 2016 only) RC-62 information slip if receive the Universal Child Care Benefit, receipts for any children’s fitness or arts classes

If you are a Student (post-secondary):

  • Receipt for tuition fees (T2202A form – usually accessed through your online student account)
  • If you received OSAP loans, this does not count as income and does not need to be claimed in the tax return
  • If you have started repaying any OSAP loans, bring your interest slip (receipt showing how much you paid).

If you have any deductions to claim:

  • Transit/TTC passes (must bring in actual passes or PRESTO Usage Report).
  • Medical expense receipts.
  • Charitable or political donation receipts.

There may be other documents that you need to bring to your appointment. For a complete list and guidance on how to obtain any missing paperwork, contact us for personal assistance.

The WoodGreen Tax Clinic can be reached at 416-645-6000 ext. 1187 or e-mail


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