Free 2 Be: Landlord FAQs

Why should I consider renting to a Free 2 Be participant?

Being a landlord to a Free 2 Be participant is not fundamentally different than for any other tenant – if anything, we make your job easier! With a typical tenant, there is no guarantee that they have support when they face life challenges or go through periods of personal or financial stress. Renting to one of our participants there is a guarantee of a staff team available both to support you as a landlord and ensure that tenants have the personal support they need in their day-to-day life. You can have confidence rent will be paid as the program guarantees a rent subsidy from WoodGreen to the landlord, with participants covering the difference. We work directly with tenants to offer guidance and coaching as needed on practicing strong tenancy skills including timely rent payment, being a proactive neighbour and contributing citizen.

Who is my point person? How do we communicate?

Once you have expressed interest or a lease is signed, the Program Supervisor will support you with any questions you may have. The Supervisor can be reached by phone, email or text message between Monday and Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.

What kind of supports do I receive? The tenant?

Participating landlords have an empathetic ear and practical problem-solver to contact whenever support is needed. Landlords benefit by having reduced turn-over and vacancy. All tenants are screened to ensure a good fit with the culture and composition of each dwelling. They are provided with monthly financial rental support as well as tenancy education. Through the program, tenants are supported with educational and employment attainment, budgeting, weekly home visits and opportunities for social and recreational involvement.

Will my units be kept in good condition?

We are committed to supporting tenant education and practical life skills development for all participants in the Free 2 Be program. Our team is committed to setting participants up for long term success, which we know depends on strong tenancy skills and good housekeeping. Our Program Supervisor is available to discuss any concerns, should they arise.

Does the RTA still stand?

Yes. If the RTA covers your dwelling, both you and the tenant are protected by it. We are here to follow your rules to the extent that they are in line with human rights and the RTA.


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WoodGreen Community Services addresses the needs for coordinated housing and community-based services for young people transitioning out of the child welfare system in Toronto.

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WoodGreen Community Services’ Free 2 Be program is a youth-driven program to coordinate housing and community-based services for young people transitioning out of the child welfare system in Toronto.

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