Holiday Gift Guide

Help make the holidays brighter for your neighbours in need

This winter, social conditions threaten to become the worst Toronto’s seen since the 1930s. Below are some of the kits WoodGreen is assembling to help lonely seniors, single-parent families, people struggling with addictions and the less fortunate, who’ve been hit hardest by the economic ramifications of the pandemic.


Hygiene Kit – $25

Help provide dignity to a struggling single mother

Kit includes shampoo, soap/body wash, deodorant, sanitizer, bandages, toothbrush/toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, comb/brush, and sanitary supplies

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Senior Isolation Kit – $50

Help ease loneliness for an isolated senior

Kit includes puzzles, colouring books, pencils, arts and crafts, solo games and books.

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Groceries/Meal Kit – $75

Provide healthy food to someone struggling to feed themselves

Kit includes groceries and/or prepared meals

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Winter Warmth Kit – $100

Help keep a homeless person warm this winter

gloves, socks, hats, scarves, earmuffs, coats, boots and warm clothing

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Winter Family Kit – $250

Help a struggling family get through the winter months

All-encompassing kit includes everything from groceries, PPE, and warm outdoor clothing to toys, games and more.

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Carswell Family Matching Gift Program – $1000

Help provide tuition for one of our Homeward Bound participants

Your $1,000 donation = $2,000 in tuition.

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