WoodGreen’s Statement on June 27 Racist Incident on TTC

June 27, 2020

This morning, we were alerted to a racist incident on the TTC.

We are shocked and appalled that someone in our community would do something so abhorrent.

We can confirm that the accused in this case is not, nor has ever been, a WoodGreen staff person or WoodGreen volunteer, and in no way represents our values. Beyond that, we are unable to confirm this person’s identity or comment on any specific case due to privacy legislation.

At WoodGreen we have a zero tolerance policy for any racist behaviour and a Code of Ethics that includes strict organizational procedures to deal with any racist conduct.

We take this very seriously, and will be cooperating fully with police to support their investigation.

WoodGreen stands in solidarity with the Black community and we are committed to doing everything we can to eliminate racism.

Anne Babcock
President & CEO