Service Detail

Service: Community Connections Program
Type: Employment, Immigrant Settlement

The Community Connections Program unites newcomers with Canadian volunteers. Here, they can become more connected to their communities, practice English communication skills and learn more about their professions and Canadian workplace cultures. Newcomers are able to adapt, settle and integrate into Canadian Society by gaining a sense of belonging and by being given opportunities to build and develop networks with people who are rooted in Canadian culture.

Program Components:

Mentorship – Internationally trained professional are matched with Community Connections Mentors who are Canadian professionals. Newcomers are able to gain guidance and support while entering into their professions in Canada. Mentorships are offered as one-on-one, group and/or online.

English Conversation Circles - An opportunity for newcomers to practice and build confidence in the English language through informal group settings with Community Connections Volunteers.

Group Activities– Connects newcomers to the community through engaging group activities and civic participation including; Toronto walking tours, Canadian workplace tours reading clubs, French language groups and special projects.

Volunteer Opportunities – Through various activities, newcomers are able to volunteer their time, gain experience and contribute to their community.

Professional Networking & Seminars– Internationally trained professionals gain knowledge and skills related to Canadian workplace cultures, exchange ideas, build networks and share best practices through professional networking and seminars. Seminars are hosted by Community Connections Volunteers and guest speakers.

Program Restrictions: All participants must be a Permanent Resident of Canada, or Convention Refugee.

Descriptor: Assists newcomers' settlement, integration and adaptation in Canada through professional mentorship, English Conversation Circles and engaging group activities.

Contact Info

815 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, Ontario

Contact Name: Valerie Smith

T | (416) 645-6000 ext. 2341, 2342
F | (416) 469-2853


9am to 5pm