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Service: 4 Month Digital Tech Training/Job Prep Computer Course

This course explores basic concepts of new media as well as the role of digital technology in Web Design, and Interactive design technologies play in society. This is an interdisciplinary course that includes digital communication, computer science, Design (2D & 3D), Social Media.
WoodGreen’s program for Ontario Works’ clients bundles Digital Tech course with other skills training designed to build workplace knowledge of participants with the goal of getting them employed in an entry level positions in the Digital Art Technology.

Jobs can be found in: On-line publishing Assistant - Junior Web Designer - Entry Level Web Designer - Junior Graphic Designer - On-line Marketing - Editorial Designer - BETA App Tester - Social Media Assistant.

Clients will receive a certificate for each component upon successful completion of the training.

What are the Components of the Skills Training Program?

1. Computer Skills Training

•    Concept of digital technology
•    Vector design illustration
•    Raster design for new technologies
•    Internet and social media technology
•    Web user interface design
•    Social media presentation

Successful candidate may be qualified for the advanced training:

•    3d design for technology
•    3d design for video games

2. Workplace Essential Skills Training
3. Practical Work Experience
4. Job Search Training

Digital Technology Training

It is for youth 18yrs - 29yrs Of age, out Of school & receiving Ontario Works (OW)
Clients with previous relevant experience who have been out of the workforce for a period of time and need upgraded skills in order to be competitive in the job market.
Motivated and committed to following through with program and subsequent placement; willing to sign Participation Commitment Agreement;
No more than five years out of the labour market;
Daycare arrangements in place, where relevant;
Proficiency in English
Minimum 30wpm typing speed


Computer training in Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, 3D Max, Unity 3D, NotePad++

If you are not an Ontario Works’ client, please contact Sanaz Parsaei at (416) 645-6000 ext. 1386 or  





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