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Main Reception

Ex. 1100  

Child Care & Family Services

Ex. 1158/1155 Registration for Child Care programs at any of our seven sites. More info.

Developmental Services

Ex. 1262 Registration for access to Developmental Services. More info.

Financial Empowerment Services

Ex. 1330 This is a free service for low-income clients who have problems accessing government benefits and/or banking services, money management issues, or general financial questions. More info.

Homeward Bound

Ex. 3030 A special program for single mothers looking to improve their financial situation through sustainable employment, permanent housing and independent living for themselves and their children. More info.

Housing and Homelessness Services

Ex. 2500 Located at 650 Queen E. Housing workers help provide housing searches, a daily drop-in for housing applications, Rooming House Emergency Relocation Service, Shared Care Clinical Outreach Service, First Step To Home, ID Clinic, Pet Food Bank, and Laundry Service. More info.

Income Tax Clinic

Ex. 1187 The Community Volunteer Income Tax Program prepares simple tax returns for low-income clients. The clinic operates year-round. More info.

Mental Health and Addictions

Ex. 1262 Registration for access to Mental Health Services and Addictions Services. More info.

Newcomer Services

Ex. 2200 Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) and Enhanced Language Training (ELT)/bridging classes available. More info.

Seniors Care and Wellness

Ex. 1262 Registration for access to Seniors Programs and Support Services. More Info.

Settlement Services

Ex. 2100 Settlement programs include providing information and support into Canadian culture including: mentorship and employment search. More Info.
Workforce Development:
Services can include: resume writing, computer access, photocopying/ printing, Food Handling Certificate, Second Career, Youth Employment, and Smart Serve accreditation. More Info.
Employment Ontario 
989 Danforth Ave.
 Ex. 2218
Employment Ontario 
1080 Queen St. E.
 Ex. 2316
Employment Ontario 
1533 Victoria Park
 Ex. 2900


Main Office:
815 Danforth Avenue, Suite 100 Toronto, Ontario M4J 1L2
Tel: 416-645-6000 x 1100 Email:
Office Hours: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

To provide feedback, comments or ask questions about WoodGreen’s Customer Service for Persons with Disabilities policy and procedures, please send an e-mail to or call 416 645-6000 ex. 5222.