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Service: Boundless Possibilities for Women
Type: Employment, Immigrant Settlement

A full-time skills upgrading program for women preparing for work or college. Includes the International Computers Driver’s License (ICDL), a certificate in Microsoft Office 2013 recognized internationally. Boundless Possibilities for Women also includes courses designed to improve the skills and confidence of women such as career planning, life skills and money management.

Those interested in employment complete a 4-week internship related to their field of interest. Those interested in college complete academic upgrading (English and Math) and college tours as well as learning about the college application process and financial aid. The program is free of charge and is 16-weeks in length. We do not provide childcare.

This program is made possible through the generous support of the Ontario Women’s Directorate       



Employment and education-focused women's program
Computer training program

Women 19+ who are motivated to pursue employment or college
Not in full-time school or work
Basic computer skills
Minimum ESL level 6
Able to attend program full-time (Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm) for 16 weeks
Must have own childcare
May be fleeing abuse
Legally entitled to work or study in Canada

Trainings and support to help women preparing for work or school
Microsoft Office 2013 Computer Training

Boundless Possibilities for Women operates in partnership with the following organizations:



Contact Info

East York, Ontario

Contact Name: Sophy Crook

T | (416) 645-6000 ext. 1336
F | (416) 461-1079