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Jan 24

Written by: admin

Homeward Bound is a program by the Woodgreen Community Service to help single mothers. Their latest ad campaign speaks so much louder than words.

The glossy pages of tabloid magazines direct consumerism towards attention seeking celebrities and their everyday antics.Think about all the times People magazine would publish photos of celebrities in their sweatpants going grocery shopping at a nearby Whole Foods, or simply photos of celebrity spottings outside posh venues around LA.

It's everywhere and people buy into it. They obsess over the belief that celebrities are simply average human beings but somewhere down the line, in the midst of all this obsession, lies a meaningless pursuit. 

So the people over at the Woodgreen Community Service center based in Toronto decided to use the same tactics that the tabloid magazines use in order to promote awareness for their 'Homeward Bound' program which caters to single mothers living in less-than-stellar living conditions. Their goal is to help single mothers become self-sufficient. It's surely a valiant effort in grabbing the attention of media heads everywhere, and it's working! 

We here at Joonbug.com, recently did a movie review on 'Gimme Shelter' starring Vanessa Hudgens and Rosario Dawson which you can read here. Well, the type of scenario that this movie creates would be the prime example of struggling single mothers that the Homeward Bound organization cares for.

Futhermore, the Woodgreen Community Service also came out with a video imitating celebrity-centered gossip shows like E! or Extra. You can watch the clip below and feel a genuine sense of confusion when these mock reporters glitz and glam real heart-wrenching stories of single mothers.

WoodGreen Homeward Bound: Gossip Today